Orange Cat Social vs. Green Cat Social


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Orange Cat Social vs. Green Cat Social

The Experiment

In 2015, we wanted to do a little experiment at Ghost Blog Writers. The idea was to start two identical businesses and leave one website alone while creating a business blog for the other.

The ideas for the businesses was that they provide social media images for companies and individuals. If you need professional images for your social profiles then these two companies provide that service. If you’ve been on social media you know the difference between professional photos and graphics and the images that look like they were created by someone that doesn’t really have design skill.

We created the two companies:

Everything was identical about the companies including the website design and sales content. The only difference was that Orange Cat Social has a blog.

Blogging Strategy

The target audience for Orange Cat Social (and Green Cat Social) is mainly small business owners and individual professionals. The common denominator is that the client needs professional social media images (profile images, background images, etc.).

Small business owners need the images to spruce up their business profiles and the individuals need the images to spruce up their personal social profiles to make them more attractive and professional.

Since Orange Cat Social is a social media company it made sense to to have social media as one of the main categories for the blog.

But it wasn’t just about writing any type of post about social media. We wanted to identify questions the target audience was asking in relation to their social media effort and provide the best answers with blog posts. Eventually, as we got more into the blog, we would venture into other categories of posts to help the target audience with questions they were asking about their jobs and professional lives.

2017 Stats

Orange Cat Social


Orange Cat 2017

Note: You can see that a typical site with a blog that is updated consistently, this case weekly, that traffic climbs steadily year over year. This is a good representation of expected growth. In general, the more often you post, the more traffic you’ll receive, but the growth will often remain steady.

Green Cat Social


You can see that Orange Cat Social has more than thirty times as much traffic as Green Cat Social. It’s not surprising. When you have more content that people can find via Google, Social Media and other channels you’ll get more traffic than if you just leave a website to fend for itself.

Yet many businesses launch their website and leave it be. Sure, you can share your homepage and service page on Facebook once and awhile, but people are less likely to be interested in that. But if you have a collection of blog posts to share your social followers are more likely to visit your website.


Websites With Content Get More Traffic

One study found that companies that blog get 80% more new visits (QuickSprout). We can clearly see that going on here with Orange Cat and Green Cat. The company that blogs is getting more traffic.

Blogging isn’t the only way to generate traffic to a website, but marketers have found it to be one of the best. In fact, 37% of marketers believe blog posts are the most important type of content marketing and 25% believe blogging has the highest return on investment of all marketing activities (QuickSprout).

Long-Term Strategy

Blogging is a long-term strategy. You can see that Orange Cat Social is still in its infancy as a business, website and blog. It’s only been two years with weekly posts. We’ll continue to write regular posts for Orange Cat and we expect the traffic to steadily climb.

Many of the companies we work with at Ghost Blog Writers use other forms of marketing (PPC, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.) to promote their business and website. They look to build organic traffic to their blog and website for the long-term while also building traffic from other channels.

We do believe in the power of online advertising. With online advertising you can get instant traffic to a website. But the moment you turn off the investment the traffic disappears. With blogging, you’re building for the long-term, but the content you have will always be available.

The key takeaway is that a combination of marketing efforts can work together wonderfully to grow your traffic and leads.

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