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Blogging Strategy

Mr. Test Prep is Michael Romano. He’s an educational consultant that helps students with standardized testing. He has a methodology for helping students build their confidence through preparation. He works with students, but also works with the parents as well.

The goal with the blogging strategy was to bring more awareness to the work Michael is doing and to the services he provides.

The strategy started by focusing on the two target customers: Students and Parents. The idea that parents are a target customer was interesting, but it makes sense. Parents want their children to do well on tests and if they see their child struggling they’re going to look for help. And they’ll often go online to find that help.

That’s where a blogging strategy comes in that identifies the questions the students and parents are asking and that provides the best answers possible with blog posts.

2018 Stats


  • +24.20%


  • +186.18%


Helping Target Customers

This was the perfect situation for a blog. Michael was 100% on board with providing content on the blog that helped his target customers. He never felt like he was giving away his knowledge for free to the detriment of his business.

In fact, he wants to see the blog help people and he knows that he has even more to offer when parents and students engage him for his consulting services. So it’s a great fit for Michael to have a blog.

With each post, we look to help the parents and students with the questions they have as it relates to test taking, but also to life in general. Some topics may branch into brain health, sleeping habits, general well-being and much more.

Long-Term Commitment & Growth

Michael came to us at Ghost Blog Writers with the perfect mindset for a blog. He wanted to build the blog as an asset to his business over the long run. He didn’t want to publish a few posts and move on to something else.

He committed to an ongoing blogging strategy and the results have proven him right. The overall traffic on his site has been increasing as has the organic search (SEO) traffic.

There are other factors that go into traffic, but we’ve been seeing that the collection of blog posts bringing in more and more traffic over time. And we can see positive gains in organic search traffic to the main pages on the site including the homepage.

We’ve seen that as you build a great library of content that it improves the overall recognition and reputation of the brand. That gives the search engines the validity they need to rank the main pages, including the homepage, highly for key industry keywords.

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