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Why Ghost Blog Writers

Our goal for the blog was to increase awareness and establish credibility as experts of inbound and outbound marketing strategies. We also want to educate our target audience and earn their trust.

The overall goal is to convert our blog readers into sales opportunities and new clients.

I came to Ghost Blog Writers due to a lack of writing and blogging experience. Their involvement allows me to focus on other areas of the business.

Perry Mann, Founder of Mann & Co.

Blogging Strategy

Mann & Co. is a lead generation consultancy. They provide a variety of services for small businesses. Mann & Co. provide email marketing, Social Media and Pay Per Click (PPC) services, but their main area of expertise is Marketing Automation.

The company also has a background in print marketing, which makes them unique in the industry. They can bring unique insight from the background into the modern digital marketing world.

The blogging strategy for Mann & Co. begins with the target audience. It starts with small businesses and the individuals at those businesses including the founders and managers.

To brainstorm ideas for blog posts, we begin with categories that fit with Mann & Co.’s are of expertise. That includes Email Marketing and Landing Pages. It also includes Print Marketing and Marketing Automation.

We look for the questions small business owners and managers are asking in relation to those categories and look to provide the best answers possible with the ongoing blog posts.

2018 Stats


  • +50.58%

Organic Search

  • +86.74%


  • +143.04%


Long-Term Commitment

Mann & Co. understands the importance of long-term marketing strategies. They approach their services as long-term strategies for small businesses. They also approach their marketing efforts with a long-term commitment.

Mann & Co. has had a blog for some time and the results are beginning to show. Things should continue to improve in the future.

An important takeaway with a blogging strategy is that it’s important to have a long-term outlook. One blog post here and there are fine, but an ongoing blogging strategy is where businesses see the best results.

Sources of Traffic

Organic Search traffic is one of the main focuses with a blogging strategy. You can see that Mann & Co. is beginning to see the positive effects of blogging on their overall website with search traffic.

But blogging can bring in traffic to a website from other sources as well such as social media and email marketing. It can also come in various forms of direct traffic.

Long-term blogging helps to raise the profile of the overall brand and that also seems to help other pages on the website rank well for important industry keywords.

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