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Why Blog

At Ghost Blog Writers, we want to practice what we preach. From the beginning we wanted to maintain a regular blogging effort as a way to grow our influence in the online marketing industry while also bringing in traffic and clients.

Blogging Strategy

The target audience for Ghost Blog Writers includes small business owners, marketing executives and marketing coordinators. The goal with the blogging effort is to identify the questions these folks are asking in relation to their work and professional lives and provide the best answers possible with blog posts.

Our strategy covers a wide range of topics that the target reader would be interested in. We write about:

  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Online Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • And more

Popular posts come in all forms and topics. Some have been posts listing online marketing tools or hashtags businesses can use on social media. Others have been on topics like productivity and management.

2018 Stats

Ghost Blog Writers has been an active website since 2010. This is the growth in traffic from the previous year.


  • +26.47%

Organic Search

  • +56.48%


  • +99.30%

Client Story

We’re proud to practice what we preach at Ghost Blog Writers. We believe that a blog is a great way for businesses to build awareness online with a target audience. We believe it and we stick to our own blogging effort and it’s worked well for us.

Many of our clients find us through a Google search. Others tell us they’ve been following our blog for awhile and like what they see and want to start their own blogging effort.

Dayne Shuda, Founder of Ghost Blog Writers


Blogging Helps Overall Organic Search

One thing we’ve seen with our own website is that we rank pretty well for general terms like blogging servicesblog writers and a few more.

These keywords are obviously important for our business. We want people searching for those terms to find our homepage.

We believe that our blogging effort over the years has helped raise our brand’s profile. It makes sense that people would want to see trusted listings in their search results. A blog is a great way to build trust.

So not only do the blog posts bring in traffic on their own, but they seem to help our entire website in the long run.

Blogging Brings Traffic From Multiple Sources

Search is a big part of blogging. In fact, search engine optimization (SEO) seems to be as important as ever. Google and the other engines are getting really good at providing the best results. And businesses that invest in SEO and content are seeing the results in the long run.

But blogging is not just about SEO. Blogging also brings in traffic from other sources including social media, email and even a few others.

We like to look at a blogging strategy as finding the questions a target audience is asking and providing the best answer possible with the posts.People search on sites like Google for answers, but they also use social media, subscribe to email newsletters and search on other sites as well. A blog post that answers a question can be a valuable resource in all those channels.

Long-Term Strategy

We’ve been blogging on our site for several years now. We took the long-term approach with the blog. We knew that traffic probably wouldn’t be significant right away, but over time it’s increased steadily and we continue to see that increase.

That’s why we’re a little different than other blog writing service companies. We don’t provide one-time posts for our clients. One post might bring in a little traffic, but an entire collection of posts can really provide value over the long run.

Ready to get blog posts for your business?