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Game Bird Hunts

Why Ghost Blog Writers

As a small business owner that wears too many hats it is difficult to find the time to write.

Many underestimate the impact of consistent publishing of quality content has on a website.

I personally know it works and am thankful that I have found a partner like Ghost Blog Writers to help me get it done.

Todd Hemme, Owner of Game Bird Hunts

Blogging Strategy

Game Bird Hunts is a destination website for bird hunters and sport shooting enthusiasts. Hunters can find the best bird hunting opportunities as well as a store for upland hunting gear and dog training supplies.

The site has a lot of information and has built up quite a following over the years. But in late 2012, the site’s owner wanted to add some regular news content from the bird hunting and shooting industries to the website.

Since that time, we’ve been adding twice-weekly news posts. We look for the latest news stories in the industries and provide commentary and perspective on the topics.

The consistent blogging strategy has helped to build a steady stream of traffic to the site from organic search engines like Google.


Two years prior to coming to Ghost Blog Writers, pageviews on the Game Bird Hunts website were at 140,000 per month.

The year before coming to Ghost Blog Writers, monthly pageviews dipped below 100,000 per month.

After working with Ghost Blog Writers for about a year,  the pageviews on Game Bird Hunts picked up and levels are now close to 200,000 per month.


Blogging Frequency

This is one example of how blogging can be a great long-term marketing strategy. With regular posting, in this case two posts per week, the site was able to build a solid reputation as an online source of industry information.

Established Websites

Not only can startup websites benefit from blogging, but so can established websites and businesses. Game Bird Hunts was an established website with good traffic, but Todd wanted to increase the traffic and knew a blogging strategy was a great option for doing so.

The results proved Todd to be correct in his belief and it’s been great for Ghost Blog Writers to be part of the success.

Organic Traffic

Target readers find the content on Game Bird Hunts valuable and as a result, Google rewards the site with improved rankings and more traffic. The news articles perform well with long-tail keywords and the main pages on the website benefit and rank well for important industry keywords.

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