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Blogging Strategy

Country Music Life is a website for country music fans to discover new country music. There are so many cool ways to discover new songs and artists today. It’s not just the radio or record store anymore although those two sources still very much exist.

Country Music Life features one song review every day of the week. Fans of the blog can subscribe to get updates a couple times each week. They can listen to the songs via Spotify and they can even check back each week to see if their favorite songs and artists are on the weekly CML Chart, which tracks the most popular songs on the blog.

The strategy is pretty simple. It’s about finding new country songs that country fans will like and sharing a few thoughts. It’s all about discovering new music and sharing a love for country music with others.


Launched in April 2010

4+ million pageviews

  • 73% Organic Search
  • 20% Direct
  • 6% Referral & Social Media

Referrals from:

  • Artist websites
  • USA Today
  • Reddit
  • And more

Client Story

Country Music Life is a way for me to enjoy two things I love: Country Music and Blogging. It’s cool to be able to connect with so many other people that love country music just as much as I do. I like sharing my thoughts on new songs and it kind of makes me dig in a little deeper than I would if I just listened.It’s been pretty cool to see the blog grow over the years. I can’t believe it’s been going on for this long already. I don’t plan on stopping and hope to keep growing it and connecting with more country music lovers in the years to come.

Dayne Shuda, Founder of Country Music Life


Consistent Posting

One of the keys with Country Music Life over the years has been the commitment to publish regularly. There have been daily posts on the blog for several years and it’s kept people coming back and coming back.

All that quantity has also helped to learn what the audience is looking for. That’s how it’s kind of lead to the current version of the site with daily reviews of new songs and a weekly chart ranking the most popular songs on the site.

I always like the saying that says you are what you do every day. That’s true with this site. We post every day and I guess that makes it a true country music authority in the online world.

Connecting With An Audience

It’s been really cool connecting with other country fans over the years. Country music is such a cool industry. The people are great and the Internet and blogging has allowed for fans and artists to connect in new ways.

Any blog has the potential to build an audience. It’s not just about the raw traffic numbers, but more about connecting with the right audience and building a trust and connection.

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