Blogging Strategy

The goal for the Restaurant Engine Blog is to increase awareness for Restaurant Engine by positioning  the brand as a vital source of knowledge in the industry while increasing traffic and leads.

To accomplish this goal, Restaurant Engine hired Ghost Blog Writers as a supplement to their blogging efforts.

Blog posts are created to provide actionable insight and direction for restaurant managers and owners. The blog is optimized for search and social sharing while getting new visitors to subscribe to the email program.

Featured Blog Posts

92% Organic Traffic Increase In 5 Months

Blogging can generate website traffic from three major sources.

SEO: Organic search traffic is the collection of people that search for keywords on engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. After performing the search they see a collection of paid and non-paid results. Organic results receive the biggest share of clicks.

Social Sharing: Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn are full of shared links. Most of these links take social media users to blogs and other content sources.

Direct Referral: Nearly every Internet user has an email address. A number of people also use various online chatting networks. These are prime for sharing links to content on the Web.

Restaurant Engine, a website solution for restaurants, wanted to add customers to its already growing base. A blogging goal was put together to write about the topics the specific target reader would be searching for on search engines as well as discovering on social media sites and other online networks.

Restaurant Engine Overview

Company: Restaurant Engine


Businesses in nearly every industry are seeing the opportunity in having an online presence.

However, most of these businesses, especially small companies, don’t want to jump fully into the online world with a complete custom website.

Restaurant Engine provides a great solution for restaurants, bars and food shops. The Restaurant Engine platform is easy to use. Customers have options to customize the look and feel of their very own website.

The goal for the Restaurant Engine blog was to attract a very specific type of visitor. The readers of the blog post need to be restaurant owners or marketing managers.

Restaurant Engine had been blogging with internal resources for some time and was starting to see the benefits of having a blog.

But the work got to be too much. There just wasn’t enough time in the day to maintain the business while keeping up with the blogging demands.

That’s when Restaurant Engine reached out to Ghost Blog Writers.

We did our initial research on the industry. We worked with Restaurant Engine to learn about the company, the industry and the target customer.

We worked on the first few blog posts and learned the exact type of post that would work for a long-term strategy.

Since December 2012, Ghost Blog Writers has been writing 3-4 posts per month on Restaurant Engine.

These have been the results.

Website Traffic (New Customers)

Restaurant Engine Website Traffic

Restaurant Engine has been blogging for a long time. They credit the blogging efforts to the steady increase in pageviews on the website.

A common goal for nearly every business is to increase website traffic – both visitors and pageviews.

These pageviews are examples of new potential customers for Restaurant Engine that wouldn’t have otherwise found the brand.

A new pageview on a website might not turn into a customer immediately. The blog acts as a way to make the first connection with a prospect. From there the blog content and other website content earn the trust of the prospect until they are comfortable enough and ready to make a purchase.

We’ve talked before about the impact blogging can have on website traffic. Your individual blog posts won’t often be among the most trafficked pages on the site, but collectively the posts will add up to a significant percentage of your website traffic.

As mentioned above, Restaurant Engine had the task of targeting restaurant owners and marketing managers.

The goal with the blog was to write helpful and interesting article about the topics this target customer was looking for online.

Here are five of the most popular blog posts on Restaurant Engine. These are among the top pages on the entire site:

You can see that Restaurant Engine doesn’t only talk about restaurant websites, but everything a restaurant owner would need to know about the restaurant business.

These are some of the posts that have led to increases in traffic from various sources including organic search, social media and direct referrals.

Organic Traffic (SEO Success)

Restaurant Engine Organic Search Traffic

In just one year Restaurant Engine has gone from virtually no SEO traffic to a significant source of potential new customers.

Since the time Ghost Blog Writers came on board to help Restaurant Engine organic traffic has increased 92%.

Organic traffic remains a significant source of website traffic for businesses. These are all potential customers.

In the past, businesses were able to create basic websites with static content and receive continuous organic traffic.

But in recent years the search engines have demanded more from website owners. Fresh content has become a virtual requirement and that’s why blogging can work so well to increase organic search traffic along with traffic from other sources.

One important note – Restaurant Engine was already working on a blogging strategy prior to bringing Ghost Blog Writers on board. They were creating great posts. They simply needed a supplement to their efforts.

We’ve been happy to be a part of their growth.

Key Points

To increase traffic from search, social media and direct sources you need a content strategy. Without content on your site there will be no way for potential customers to discover your brand online.

Organic vs. Paid Search Traffic: Many businesses have had success generating customer acquisition through paid channels like paid search. However, this source of traffic only lasts as long as you keep paying for the ads. You get no return for your investment in the long-term.

With a content strategy such as a blog you’re generating posts that generate traffic for as long as the post is online. Each post is another investment in traffic. The more you have the more traffic you get and even if you stop blogging your posts will continue generating traffic.

Long-Term Opportunity: Blogging is a long-term opportunity. Results are almost never immediate. However, if you have patience you can see a long-term growth pattern in your website traffic. Look again at the charts above for Restaurant Engine. It’s the perfect example.

At Ghost Blog Writers, we’re fortunate to work with a great company like Restaurant Engine. They understand the content marketing opportunity. They needed a way to supplement their content creation and we were happy to join the team.

The results have been great and we look at it as another example of the power of business blogging.