Blogging Strategy

Photoswarm is an online photo gallery software package for professional photographers.

The software allows pro photographers the ability to easily showcase and sell photos on their website. They can also easily share photos on social media and enable embedding features allowing others to put the galleries on other websites.

The photographer is in complete control. They can present their work in a way that attracts those interested in the photos including prospective customers.

Photoswarm had a blogging strategy before reaching out to Ghost Blog Writers.

As is the case with many startups, the Photoswarm team was finding it difficult to focus on the software while also focusing on marketing efforts.

They knew that inbound marketing could provide a long-term strategy for targeted website traffic that brought in potential customers from a variety of sources including search and social media.

For the blogging strategy, we focused on the type of content the ideal reader or target customer would be searching for online whether through search engines, on social media or other sites like forums and niche websites.

Anything a pro photographer might need to know or be curious to find out was included in our research. We developed an initial list of topics and titles. We had a discussion on the ones that were the best and created a content schedule.

As we published posts we learned what the readers found most interesting and expanded on those topics and topics like them.

This formed the ongoing content strategy with the focus being to provide interest and useful content for pro photographers.

Featured Blog Posts

Types Of Posts

10 Amazing Photography Blogs For 2013

This was the most successful post on the Photoswarm blog in 2013. The blog follows a strategy aimed at creating a win-win strategy. It’s a way to give great photographers some exposure for their great work. It’s also a way to increase traffic to the blog. Usually once the post is published, those included in the post will share it with their social media followings sending more targeted traffic to the post.

How To Sell Photography And Prints Online

As another strategy, we focused on how-to posts that provided specific instructions for pro photographers. The idea is to help them succeed. In most businesses, when your customer succeeds you’ll succeed. Providing useful information like this makes that win-win situation possible while earning trust of readers that may not have discovered Photoswarm without the post and others like it.

What Is Freelance Photography and How You Can Become a Professional Freelancer

Again, this post aims to help would-be freelance photographers understand more about the industry and how they can begin their professional careers. By providing this information, Photoswarm earned new readers and potential clients. When you help others and earn their trust they generally reciprocate by choosing you as a business partner.


One of the focuses of blogging for most clients including for Photoswarm is the increase in organic search traffic.

One year after the Photoswarm blogging strategy, total organic traffic increased by 8.12%. New visits from organic search engines increased 19.41%.