How To Improve Your SEO By Asking Your Customers 2 Simple Questions

Dayne Shuda
Ask your customers these 2 questions and your SEO program will improve.

There are things you can do to improve your SEO.

You can use keyword tools including paid tools. There are a lot of good ones that provide good direction on the type of information you should have on your site so you can attract your target customers to your site.

You can hire an SEO consultant or even an agency to help you. They’re experts at getting the most out of paid tools. And they’ve worked in the SEO field for a long time with many different clients. They have the experience to know what can work. But they can be expensive. And you can’t always be sure what exactly they’re doing. Usually if they’re doing any kind of link building or things like that you want to go the other way.

There are also things you can do on your own (and for free) that will provide some good SEO keyword information. With those keywords you can work on building content that is better than anything on the first page of the rankings for those keywords.

But there is an even better way to improve your SEO and it starts with the inquiries you get through your website.

Website Inquiries For SEO

You can learn a lot from your inquiries. Sometimes it can seem weird to ask questions about how your inquiries found you when you’re working to get them to become a customer. But usually they’re open to providing the information especially if they experienced any frustrations.

I’ve been doing it with GBW for a while and I’ve learned about the sales process. It’s allowed me to improve the information and flow on the site. It’s also allowed me to tweak the content and to add more of certain content to the blog to attract more leads.

Here are two questions to ask your inquiries.

1. How Did You Find Our Site?

This one is important. In the online business, many of your customers will come from search. And when I ask this questions I get “Google” as an answer pretty often. But I’ll dig a little more and will find that some of those “Google” inquiries actually originally find out about GBW through social media and shared articles.

If I do get the search answer it’s good to dig a little deeper. The person might not and usually won’t remember the keyword they were searching for. If they do that’s great, but even if they don’t just ask them what they were looking around for and you can get some great insight into the potential keywords that your target customers are looking for.

From there, ask them what caused them to start searching. From here you can get an insight into the research that led to the inquiry. This is all great information and can help you improve the content on your main website pages like your homepage, services page and about page.

After that, you can get a little more general and ask a question that gets into the customer’s mind before they even realized they needed your service or product.

2. What Information Do You Search For In Your Industry?

A big part of sales and business is discovery. It’s not easy, but it’s easier to get customers to your site with SEO when they know what they’re looking for as far as a service or product.

But the sales process begins earlier than this. You know that your target customers are looking for information other than information that’s on your homepage. And you can capture your audience by writing about the things the customer is looking for.

Ask this question. You don’t have to ask for specific things, but ask what the person is looking for in the industry. Are they looking at trends? Are they looking at news?

Ask them if they remember an article or two that they’ve recently read. Also ask if they have any regular blogs, magazines or other publications that they subscribe to or read regularly.

You can get some insight into the type of blog articles you can write to attract the early attention of your target audience. Go to the websites the person mentions and look for the popular articles. See what is getting attention with shares and comments.

You can write those types of articles on your site and start attracting your customers¬†before they even know they need your service. You’ll earn their trust and when they’re ready they’ll contact you right away about your service.


Your site and your blog are the places for the content when you gather the feedback on these two questions. With the first question you’re going to get information that you can add on the main pages of your site. But you might also hear some common questions that your customers have about your industry and specifically the service or product you offer. You can use that info for blog posts.

But the real area for blog post ideas is with the second question. Learn what your target customers are looking for online and start providing that information. Gain their attention and their trust and ultimately their business.

SEO is a tough game and it can take some work, but this is the best strategy you can take on.

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