Blogging Can Be Your Unique Proposition

Businesses are always looking for ways to be different. There is competition in any industry and often the products and services are similar. As a result, businesses are always looking for an edge. They’re always looking to find something that makes them different.

Some call this the Unique Business Proposition or unique selling proposition or just the unique proposition.

Any aspect of the business can be the difference. You’re looking for something you can share with the customer that will convince them to purchase with you instead of the other business. It’s not always easy to find the difference and it’s not always easy to keep it. It’s a copycat world out there so once you find something that’s different you need to refine it and make sure you stay ahead.

I’m going to assume you’re looking for an edge against the competition.

Let me present the business blogging difference.

Nobody Has Time to Blog

Darren Rowse at Problogger consistently finds that one of the biggest challenges facing bloggers is they have no time to blog.

This challenge has been consistent for years and it’s a reason I think bloggers give up. They don’t feel they have the time to blog, but really they don’t like blogging. They don’t understand the work it takes to consistently publish posts especially early on when there are no readers.

So what’s the good news in all that gloom and doom?

Business Blogging is a Huge Opportunity to Be Different

Well, it’s an opportunity for your business to be different. Instead of sitting back and letting a few bloggers out there take control of the market you can join in and take the lead.

With an investment of a few years you can be the leading blogger in your industry. Most people give up after a few months, but if you can stick it out for a few years there is a good chance you’ll be the leading blogger in your industry and the benefit of this is your customers are likely reading blogs.

When people read blogs they get introduced to your company. Those customers are out searching for things on search engines. They’re clicking on links on social media sites like Twitter and Google+. Those links could be yours and it leads to the discovery of your business from customers you wouldn’t have otherwise been introduced to.

In the long run blogging adds to your product offering. When you write blog posts that discuss how-to topics you’re giving people more value. In fact, you’re giving it to them for free and they appreciate that. They remember what you did and the Reciprocity Theory pulls them to return the favor.

Instead of just offering products and doing the same things as your competition you can start a business blog. I will say that if you stick with it for three years with consistent posting you’ll become one of the biggest blogs in your industry.

Three years might sound like a long time, but think of the early years in your business. Things didn’t gain steam overnight. It likely took a few years.

If you really want to be different then consider starting a business blog.

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