Business Blog Title Idea Formulas That Always Work

Business Blog Title Ideas
Do a study and come up with a useful stat to create a great blog post title. via Nicola

This post is not the first to cover blog titles or headlines.

The best I have found are available on Copyblogger:

How to Write Magnetic Headlines

This is where you want to go to get some good ideas for posts. It’s a resource I continue to use.

Today, though, I wanted to create a list based on our experience at GBW. We’ve written thousands of headlines and it is true that some work better than others. Some will probably mirror those on Copyblogger, but that will just to further prove the effectiveness of those formulas.

Business Blog Title Ideas and Formulas

1. How to [Fill In The Blank]

People have a thirst for knowledge. They go online and search for answers. Your customers are asking all kinds of questions online. They are searching. They are asking friends on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Provide the answer with a how to post and you’ll get traffic every time.


How to Unclog a Drain

How to Write 2,000 Words in 45 Minutes

How to Create a Blogging Editorial Calendar

2. Analyzing The [Company, Person Name] [Business Method] Strategy

This formula shares the story of someone else’s success. You can look at the success and try to figure out why that person or business has been successful. With the analysis you give people a story about a company and they can pull their own lessons. It’s also a great way to get the attention of someone with an audience.


Analyzing The KISSmetrics Blogging Strategy

Analyzing The Steve Jobs Marketing Strategy

Analyzing The SEOmoz Growth Strategy

3. The [Your Company Name] Guide to [Business Process]

This is a way to show how you do things at your company and how others can use it to create their own success.


The Ghost Blog Writers Guide to Creating a Blogging Editorial Calendar

The Slingshot SEO Guide to CLASS Methodology

The Naked Marketing Guide to Compelling Copy That Closes Sales

4. Case Study: [Company Name] [Strategy]

People love case studies. When you’re creating a page for your website you can call it whatever you want. It’s still content. It can be a blog post or a case study.


Case Study: How SEOmoz Improved Conversion

Case Study: How Joe Sold $100,000 Worth of Books

Case Study: How Pixar Went From Selling Computers to Making Movies

5. 10 [Companies, People, Websites, Etc.] That [Do Something Great]

This formula is one we use to grow the audiences of our clients’ blogs. We link to write about companies and people that are doing really great things in the world. People love reading about it and those that are included in the article love to share the article with their own audience.


10 Examples of Ecommerce Business Blogs

10 Business Leaders That Started With Nothing

10 Small Business Owners You Don’t Know About Just Yet

6. [Stat]

That’s it. People love stats and studies. If you have research in your industry and in your company you’ll find that people will love it. eMarketer does a great job with this strategy.


A Blog Can Increase Your Website Traffic by 50%

Over 50% of Businesses Now Have a Business Blog

More Than 90% of Internet Users Use Email

What business blog title formulas have worked for you?

Share with other entrepreneurs in the comments.

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