The Last Two Months of Sales for Ghost Blog Writers

Yesterday we talked about social media influence, engagement and likes.

If you’re looking to start social media efforts with your company you’ll read about these things. For a company that is just getting into social these are used to measure how successful you are.

What I want to make sure is that you realize social media – including blogging – is about sales. Go into any marketing activity with that in mind and your results will be much better.

Two Months of Sales at Ghost Blog Writers

The last two months at Ghost Blog Writers have bee the best in the company’s short history.

In total we have added five new clients to go along with our other clients that have been with us ranging from 18 months to just a few months. Since we’re a new company these numbers are big for us. We like that clients continue to invest in blogging for the long-term. The first month is crucial because we learn about your company by providing initial posts and listening to your feedback. Our goal is to get better with each post and the more we write the better we get.

The new clients that have come on board in the last few months have all been a result of our own blogging efforts. Since we sell blogging as a way to increase sales for your business we feel we should practice what we preach.

Each of the new clients for August and September have contacted us through the contact form here on the site. I try to ask each of the folks that contacts us how they find our site. They often say through search or social or hearing about our site or a post on the blog. (see: How Business Blogging Works).

Search remains probably the most common way people discover a post on GBW, but as we’ve talked about before that percentage will likely decrease in the future. It will likely always remain a part of the referral source pie, but seems to be declining and that’s fine.

What the blog does on GBW is introduce people to GBW. The new clients were curious about blogging for business. They found a post on a topic they were searching for and found GBW. They read the first post. They likely read another post or maybe the Business Blogging Beginner’s Guide.

Once there is a curiosity and a trust built as a result of our content the prospects contact us and ask for more information. These are very qualified leads. Not all of them eventually turn into customers, but that’s okay. We aren’t in the business of converting every lead into a sale. We want to make sure we sign people up only when they are entirely committed.

The Ghost Blog Writers blog has been responsible for five new clients in the last two months. Monthly revenue is up about 50% over that same time. That’s good growth. We’re a small company so a change like this can make the growth percentage look really high.

The blog has been responsible for 100% of the new clients in the last two months. To be honest this is because things have been busy and we haven’t had time to do any other form of lead generation.

As the life our GBW ages I feel that will change some, but blogging will always remain an important part of lead generation.

At GBW we tell you that blogging leads to sales.

For us that really is true.

It can be true for your company as well.

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