Blogging Isn’t About a Good Idea

Blogging Execution

When I was a kid I knew I was destine to be an entrepreneur. I guess I was one of the lucky people in the world that always knew what they wanted to do in life. My purpose was to own a business.

The only problem was I had no idea what that business would be.

It would take me nearly two decades to find something that would work and provide a living for myself. It wasn’t for a lack of trying along the way. There were plenty of ideas and I’m sure a few of them would have worked out.

An Idea to Build Docks

When I was about ten or twelve years old I thought my best friend and I could start a busing creating boat docks. We lived near a big lake in Wisconsin and we thought we could build custom docks for the lake’s residents. Forget that we had zero carpentry skills. We were sure it would work. After looking at the price of wood and realizing that companies actually used aluminum and other materials for docks we moved on to simply removing docks from the lake and putting them in when the spring season came.

We removed zero docks except for the one my parents had and that job was one that came with no pay.

Giving Up and Moving On

The idea to build docks and the many ideas that came after it were just ideas. They were thoughts and in some cases they may have even included concepts, but they were just ideas.

I realize now that ideas are worth nothing. Sure, the dock idea may have actually had some concept. If we would have stuck with it back then and carried it forward I’m sure we could have something. With fifteen to twenty years we could have figured out the right materials and the right processes to create a real business. There is certainly a demand for docks throughout the world.

But that’s the issue. We didn’t follow through and that’s what life, like blogging, is about. It’s not about ideas. It’s about creating.

Creating a Blog Post is Work

There are lots of ideas in the world. There are lots of idea people in the world.

There are few people that will take an idea and put in the work to create something.

You have two options for your business blog.

First, you can take your ideas for blog posts (guides, how-to posts, and news posts) and put in the work yourself with the assistance of your staff. Get ready because it’s a lot of work and not just in the short-term. Blogging work never ends because once you have an audience you have an obligation to keep feeding them useful information.

Second, you can hire out the work. The web is littered with blogs that are dead after a few posts. Once the work starts people quit. If the blogging is worth it to you then consider hiring out the work to people that love blogging. It’s a win-win situation for you and for them. And really it’s a win for your customers as well.

Blogging is about creating something.

Don’t let your blog idea go unrealized like an idea for a dock company.

Move forward and create something special.

Image: mmarcotte51

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