The Top 5 Blogging Excuses (And How to Fight Them)

When was the last time you wrote a blog post?

If you’re like other business bloggers your company blog is probably pretty empty. Blogging is really difficult and people seem to find reasons not to blog all the time.

I work with some of the best business people out there yet blogging seems to fall by the wayside even though these leaders know they need to have a business blog because it brings in new customers. It’s easy to find a reason not to blog even if the reason to blog is compelling.

I thought it would be worthwhile to share with you the top excuses I hear and how you can overcome them if you find yourself in this situation.

1. No Time

This is by far the biggest excuse I hear. Everybody is too busy to blog. I don’t buy it. There is always time in the day for doing anything. I think we just like to tell ourselves we’re busy when we don’t really want to do something. It’s okay if you don’t really want to blog. Just admit that and get to work. You know that blogging will grow your business. Just get rid of the excuses and get to work.

Just yesterday there was a great psychology post about finding more time in your day. Check out A Counter-Intuitive Remedy to Feeling Short of Time.

For bloggers this could be something like a guest blog. Give away your time with a guest blog and you’ll feel like you have more time to work on your own blog. It’s weird, but it apparently works.

2. No Ideas

I think this one is kind of lazy. There is always something to write about on your blog. It’s too easy to give up early by saying you don’t have an idea. We all get stuck sometimes without an idea, but there are plenty of places for inspiration.

Here are a few previous posts to review for your writer’s block:

3. Not Good Enough

There are people out there that have a fear of writing. They are afraid that what they write is not good enough. It’s just like the fear of speaking in public. You have to put yourself out there when you’re blogging.

There is really no secret to getting over this fear. You simply have to go right at it with the best you have. Forget about what people will say and put your thoughts down on the screen. There will be people that don’t like what you have to say, but there will be people that love it. Those are the people you care about. Those are your customers. The others can be ignored. This is a big lesson for most new bloggers.

4. Not Worth It

Some people give up on blogging. You can blog for a month and get zero comments and very little traffic. This is a point when most people give up. It might not just happen right away, but over time they start blogging less and less. Eventually the blog becomes deserted.

If you are committed to blogging you need to give it at least a year. And this means writing often and on a regular basis. You need to commit to building an audience. Just as building your business didn’t happen overnight your blog won’t hit it big overnight. There are some that might, but for most it will take hard work.

5. Nothing to Offer

Some of the smartest leaders in the business world actually feel like they have nothing to offer their customers when it comes to blogging. Confidence is definitely something you need to blog and business leaders, marketers and others should all have the confidence to write. We all have something to offer people. Sure, not everyone will find your blog posts impressive, but there are people out there that will find your blogging interesting. You are targeting these people and only these people. Focus on your customers and share your insight.

It’s hard to just “be confident”, but keep telling yourself that you do have something to offer. By writing more and getting feedback your blogging confidence will grow and your blog will thrive.

Did I miss any excuse?

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