Blogging Brings Search Visitors

The Pew research on search engines is from last year or even before. In fact, I think I’ve linked to it before, but I couldn’t find it after some quick searching on the site. Either way, it’s worth it again to write about the topic of search engines and how most people use them when using the Internet.

Basically the research says that over 90% of people using the Internet use email and search. These are the two most popular activities online. They are still more popular than getting news, buying products and using social channels like Facebook and Twitter.

This might comes as a surprise to folks that read the tech news about social media. Social is certainly a growing area in the online world and appears to be one of the biggest areas of the future, but email and search still rule.

The obvious future for social and search is the combination of the two. Google is working hard to push social on to their search users. It will be interesting to see how it works. I think it will simply by the force of Google and I truly do think people have always shared various items with each other even before content moved online.

Until then, though, search will remain a big part of strateg in its current form.

And if search is a big part of how people use the Internet, then it needs to be an important part of your business strategy.

In order to achieve success with search I feel it is necessary to have a blogging strategy.

Blogging Brings Search Visitors

Blogging improves search traffic. There are more examples of how blogging improves search traffic and how it can increase leads for a variety of businesses. It’s interesting that blogging is still ignored in some areas of business.

If you think about it from the standpoint of the search engines it makes more sense to create blog content.

Search engines need content in order to continue to be relevant for search users. Without content, search engines really serve no purpose. It doesn’t matter if it’s paid or organic, search engines need content in order to drive their results. For the content, search engines depend on website owners and publishers.

A blog is a way for businesses to create the content search engines need. The best content eventually seems to find its way to the top of the search results. The companies that become well known in their industry can benefit from having a blogging strategy that is truly valuable for their customers.

Search engines drive traffic in their results for quality blog content. The blog content can also become a traffic driver in various social channels as customers share useful content with their circles of peers, friends and family.

Blog content is about discovery. In the past, companies have spent money on advertisements and PR as a way for customers to discover their brands. Today, blogging mixed with PR and other forms of marketing prove to be effective in driving brand and product discovery.

And blogging is about more than just textural content. It’s about audio and visual and video.

What is your company doing for its blog strategy in 2012?

If you want a piece of the search traffic pie, a blog is something necessary for your business.

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