Change All Your Goals To Long-Term Goals

What kind of goals do you have? Some thoughts on why they should all be long-term goals.

December 29, 2017By

10 Reasons I Do What I Do For Work

Just a fun post looking at why I do what I do.

December 27, 2017By

Why Creating A Business Exit Strategy Improves Business Operations

It's easy to get caught up in running your business and earning a living. You probably haven't thought much about an exit strategy. But doing so can be a good way to improve your company.

December 25, 2017By

Maybe Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Read Any Business Content

What do you like to read?

December 22, 2017By

How To Monetize Your Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle blogging is something that is likely to take off in the coming years. Not just blogging, but garnering an audience on any number of channels. Here is how you monetize it.

December 20, 2017By

The #1 Reason Your Blog Isn’t Working

Struggling with your business blog? The focus is probably the reason things aren't working. Check it...

December 18, 2017By

Entrepreneurs Are Not Risk Takers (Quite The Opposite)

When you think of entrepreneurs do you think of a risk taking person? Doing what others aren't willing to do? That might be the wrong way to look at it.

December 15, 2017By

10 Benefits Of Answering Target Customer Questions

You'll often hear about Thought Leadership. Providing value. Those are pretty vague terms. Here is one way to do both and why it's beneficial to all involved.

December 13, 2017By

How To Start A Business After You’ve Lost A Job

This could be a reality. The job you had, that steady job is now gone. What do you do now? Maybe it's time to start a business.

December 11, 2017By

Is It A Bad Idea To Build Anticipation?

I've been seeing a lot of this recently. "Big things coming..." Social media makes it easy. But is it a good idea?

December 8, 2017By