How Fear Can Drive Growth In Other Areas

Are you deathly afraid to do something? In business or perhaps in life? People will tell you to face that fear. Maybe...but there is another way to use it to fuel growth and success...

November 14, 2018By

Don’t Feel Bad About Your Bad Work

Nobody is perfect. It doesn't even pay to try. Here is a thought that can help shift your mindset to free you to work.

November 12, 2018By

Finding A Positive Way To Create Your Own Stories

Storytelling is difficult. One of the reasons why it's difficult is because we avoid the struggle that creates a good story.

November 9, 2018By

What Are You Selling?

There can be a hesitancy to create and share content for free online. It's work. And it's normal to feel that work should be rewarded. But there is a bigger picture reward if you can change your mindset.

November 7, 2018By

When A Blog Post Is Published Doesn’t Matter

This is something we run into with companies fairly often. Here is the explanation for how to think about the timeliness of blog posts.

November 5, 2018By

The Real Reason People “Want To Teach”

Have you caught yourself getting into the feeling that you want to teach? It's a possible trap.

November 2, 2018By

How To Make Connections Today That Lead To Sales In Two Years

Humans are built to focus on the short-term. But some of the best rewards come from long-term thinking.

October 31, 2018By

How The Smartphone Changes Your Local Business

It's easy to think that the smartphone harmed local businesses. How can digital technology help? Here are some of the amazing ways the smartphone made things better for local businesses.

October 29, 2018By

The #1 Key To Apple’s Great Marketing

A lot has been made about the Apple product launches over the years. Their big events. But much of the focus has been on the event...

October 26, 2018By

10 Tips For Better Engagement On LinkedIn

Right now I feel that LinkedIn is overlooked when it comes to the social networks. Here are a few tips for getting more out of the network.

October 24, 2018By