10 Ways To Better Utilize Your Weekend

What do you have planned for the weekend? If you're like most people then you're probably looking forward to whatever is on the schedule. But if you're reading this post then perhaps you're looking for a few ideas. Here are ten...

December 14, 2016By Dayne Shuda

How To Talk To An Employee About A New Business Process

Something that happens in business is the updating of processes. It's normal for a business to adapt and to change as time goes on. It has to happen, in most cases, for the business to improve. But how do you talk to employees about it? Here are some tips...

December 12, 2016By Dayne Shuda

It’s Time To Think About New Year’s Resolutions Again…

It's that time of year again. What is your New Year's Resolution?

December 9, 2016By Dayne Shuda

10 Reasons The Best Employees Quit Your Company

Are you seeing some of your best employees leave? Maybe you're thinking that you don't want anyone on the team that doesn't want to be there. That's fine, but it's not good when your best employees leave. Here are some reasons why it may be happening...

December 7, 2016By Dayne Shuda

How To Grow During An Economic Downturn

I realize this title is pretty loaded. I'm not going to try and say that I have all the answers. But I've been looking at what successful companies do during economic downturns and it seems that even in trying times that growth is very possible.

December 5, 2016By Dayne Shuda

What The Holiday Season Means To Me

It's the holiday season here in the US and I think in many places around the world. I thought I'd just take a few minutes to think about what the holidays means to me.

December 2, 2016By Dayne Shuda

10 Ways To Make Yourself A Friend Others Want To Have

Earlier on the GBW I talked about how it's important to look at yourself and if you're a friend others want to have. We can't expect others to be our friends just for the sake of it. Here are some tips for making yourself more appealing to others.

November 30, 2016By Dayne Shuda

How To Get More Twitter Likes & Retweets

How much engagement do you get on social media? Do you wish that you'd get more likes and retweets on Twitter? Let's get into some of the best ways to get more engagement for your Twitter effort.

November 28, 2016By Dayne Shuda

Young People Are Really Nice & Courteous

I've been noticing something recently. It's not an absolute, but I have seen that a large number of kids and young people are very courteous and nice. They're nice to each other and to adults. It seems to go against what many people think.

November 25, 2016By Dayne Shuda

10 Ways To Find New Opportunities For Your Established Business

Every business goes through changes. If you don't change you'll end up getting passed and going out of business. Here are some ways to remain open to and to discovery opportunities.

November 23, 2016By Dayne Shuda