5 Steve Jobs Traits To Avoid

Steve Jobs is very much looked up to by a lot of people. He did a lot of good things. He gave a lot to the world. But he wasn't perfect.

July 3, 2017By Dayne Shuda

Thinking About The Future Brings Anxiety

Do you ever get anxious? Here's a cool little lesson I just heard about anxiety.

June 30, 2017By Dayne Shuda

10 Things That Make For A Great Story

Storytelling is a key element in human life. The ones that can tell the best stories can command attention. That's the power of leadership.

June 28, 2017By Dayne Shuda

7 SaaS Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Looking to boost sales for your SaaS? Here are some tactics that can work either in the short or the long term.

June 26, 2017By Dayne Shuda

If Affected By Uncontrollable Circumstances You’ve Already Lost

So often we're presented with a challenge and we immediately think of excuses. We complain. In doing those things we have already conceded.

June 23, 2017By Dayne Shuda

10 SaaS Interview Questions To Ask Potential Team Members

Are you asking the right questions in hiring situations? Hiring the wrong people could really cost your business. Here are some good questions to ask.

June 21, 2017By Dayne Shuda

10 SaaS Marketing Costs To Expect

Wondering what the costs will be as you market your SaaS company? Here are some of the things to expect.

June 19, 2017By Dayne Shuda

Is Music Going To Be A Form Of Content Marketing

I had an interesting thought about the music industry. I love music as do most people, but I'm often thinking about the business side of things. And I thought about one possible future for music...

June 16, 2017By Dayne Shuda

10 Essential Elements Of A Successful SaaS Company Website

Look, nobody's website is ever perfect. Or ever finished for that matter. If you're reading this post you're in the right mindset. One of improvement. Here are some tips for building on the success of your SaaS website.

June 14, 2017By Dayne Shuda

How To Create A SaaS Company Vision

A vision may not seem important. After all, companies have more to worry about in the short-term like making payroll, getting new customers and such. But it's worthwhile to have a great vision. It affects a lot of areas of the company.

June 12, 2017By Dayne Shuda