Avoiding Content Farming in Business Blogging

Google recently came out with strong statements regarding their upcoming outlook on content spam. Google appears to now have their guns aimed at websites that simply create spam-type content (sometimes known as content farms). You’ve probably seen examples of this even if you haven’t realized it. Google is trying to give credit to original sources of quality information while weeding out sites that simply copy and paste (or very close). How does this affect business blogging? Let’s take a look…

Blogging for Business: Sarah Lynn Design

You can read tons of blogs telling you how businesses have been successful drumming up revenue and new business from their blog. It’s always better, however, to hear it from the actual people involved in blogging and building their business. Here we have an example of a young, driven business owner blogging to achieve recognition in her industry while earning sales and gaining interest from clients. Continue reading for the rest of her story…

Blogs Drive Sales…for Beauty Products

A common questions especially in the corporate retail world is, “Does blogging lead to sales?” Marketers are especially driven by the top and bottom lines. It’s a great question and the truth is for some businesses blogging has been the only way to generate sales. For others, like large retailers a blog isn’t all about driving sales directly. Recently, though, a study found that women are learning to trust blogs more and more. Check out the results. They may surprise you.

Building a Business Through Blogging

In a recent video from HubSpot, business owner and blogger John Hayden discussed the strategies he has used to build his business through blogging and other activities including Facebook. There are some good things John talks about. I the blogging points very interesting. It’s a real life example of how a business was able to build a brand with a defined digital strategy…

Corporate Blogs are Losing

When it comes to blogging success, the big firms are losing the battle for attention. Personal blogs are leading the way in the online information world. Traditional media outlets have caught up some, but still lag behind and as Adam Singer of The Future Buzz says, “Corporate blogs are lightyears behind their independent counterparts.”

Comments Play Key Role in Blogging Success

A recent finding by eMarketer points out what businesses are looking for regarding their corporate blog. The top attribute of a successful blog was to see lots of reader engagement and comments. The finding also suggests businesses realize blogging is becoming a necessary way to do business. Customers are looking for blogs and businesses need to oblige to remain relevant.

High Frequency Pays Off for Bloggers

I’ve written about the benefits of posting frequently for your blog. The annual State of the Blogosphere Report from Technorati confirms – the top blogs on the Web post more than the rest of the blogs and it’s not by a small margin. There is a huge difference in the number of posts the top blog publish compared to other blogs. Check out the article for more…

Why Blog

Wondering why you should blog? Here are some reasons…

Optimizing a Blog Post for Search

How do you optimize a blog post for search? Search engines are the way I get the majority of traffic for the blogs I write for. I’ve been told it’s ignorant to think there is an easy way to attack SEO, but there are a few things I do to format a blog post that seem easy and for the most part seem to work. Check out the post for a graphic of my typical blog post along with a few optimizing tips.

Blogging Secret: The Edge of Agreement

For blogging to be successful on the level of discussion there needs to be some argument in the points you make. Trying to make everybody is not a strategy that will succeed in terms of encouraging discussion. I’m going through this myself and wanted to discuss the issue here.