Blogging is About Discovering New Things

Lots of marketing channels are about introducing consumers to new products and really just introducing consumers to a business. It’s sometimes called branding, but I feel that term is too far removed from profit that it’s not a good one to use. I think blogging is part of the discovery process for businesses…

How Reciprocity Influences Business Blogging

Business blogging has the goal of making a company more profit. It’s not about building a community. It’s not about listening. It’s about profit and what it takes to get there. It’s different for each business, but the one social psychology rule that does play a part in almost every case is the reciprocity rule.

More Marketers Plan to Use Blogging Next Year

eMarketer has another study out showing how marketers are using social media. It is interesting to see the number of marketers that are blogging versus those that plan to blog. I think there are two interesting points here.

Blog Traffic Sources

The sources of traffic for blogs are changing. No longer is Google giving out free traffic. Well, they are, but in different ways. Instead of focusing on what’s not there anymore I thought we could focus on what is there and how you can take advantage of it.

More Reason to Believe That Free Clicks are Over

Google continues to push out the organic rankings in favor of various paid rankings. It makes complete sense for Google. They still make the majority of their cash from those paid advertisements. They make nothing from the organic listings. Get used to the realization that SEO is changing…

Web Audiences Want Quality Too

An interesting article appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald yesterday. The article discussed the importance of journalism on the Web. Now, it’s been discussed before that the Web is more open allowing more people to write content and that means that journalism and quality writing is even more important today than in the past…

Blogging Offers Business the Chance to Personalize for Consumers

An article on eMarketer highlighted the fact that Canadians want personalized ads from businesses. I thought it was interesting. When companies really put thought into their advertising they can reach consumers. A blog really does the same thing for businesses and it costs less.

What the Digg Demise Means for Social Business Owners

Digg used to be one of the most popular sites on the Internet. People would flock to the site to learn about the trending content on the Web. Business owners tried all they could to get contents hared on Digg. If that happened it meant big time traffic and maybe even some revenue. But then one day Digg was no longer important….

Be Careful with Advice to Go Social

There is a lot of pressure from marketers to business executives to “go social”. I want to say that you should be careful with this advice. I’m sure you’ve already had your concerns about going social. The pressure is there, but the issue is will there be return? Here is what I think about the situation…

Marketers are Leaving Facebook…for What?

A new report shared on eMarketer highlights an interesting trend. Marketers are spending less time on Facebook. Instead, these marketers are looking elsewhere to spend their ad dollars. The ROI just doesn’t appear to be there. So where are these marketers spending their time?