Blogging Offers Marketing Security

An article on Inc. got me thinking about security with your marketing strategy. I've written on the topic before. The idea that your online marketing efforts are in danger can be scary, but blogging offers something a little more secure than using other channels...

April 4, 2012By

What a Magician Can Teach You About Blogging

Teller, of Penn & Teller, isn't often heard. He recently wrote a column for the Smithsonian. The resulting piece was full of great advice on how magicians use work and pscyhology to outsmart their audiences. There is one of those tips that can work well for blogging too...

April 3, 2012By

Country Music Blogging Strategy Tips

The ACM Awards were on yesterday. It reminded me of one of the strategies I try with my own country blog, Country Music Life. This is perhaps a strategy you could use with your own business blog. Check it out...

April 2, 2012By

Do You Want to Advertise to Social Users or Earn Their Trust?

Consumers are using social media. Marketers are investing in social media advertising. The race is on to see if there is gold in the social media hills. The question I have is...would you rather interrupt social media users or earn their trust by getting them to opt-in to your updates?

March 30, 2012By

Analyzing the Kissmetrics Blog Strategy

Occasionally when new clients contact me they mention Kissmetrics when discussing blogs they like to read. Since the Kissmetrics blog is so popular with not only my clients, but many other people on the Web I thought it would be fun to analyze their blogging strategy...

March 29, 2012By

A Blogging Strategy for Stacy Adams

This post steps out there a little bit to step on the toes of Stacy Adams. Their's is a company I follow because of my involvement in the shoe industry. I've always been fascinated with the brand and thought I'd share my thoughts on what a blogging strategy could be for the company...

March 28, 2012By

When Blogging, Ignore SEO

No, I'm not part of the "SEO is Dead" crowd. In fact, I think there is reason for every website to have some focus on SEO. However, when new clients approach me about blogging for them they often ask about SEO. I thought I'd write a post with a few of my thoughts on what blogging is and what you should expect from blogging efforts...

March 27, 2012By

The Power of an Audience

Kevin Hillstrom was recently discussing the power of an audience on his Twitter feed. This topic is important for any blogger. You need to understand what it takes to build and audience if you're looking to have success with your blog...

March 26, 2012By

Why You Should Blog Less

Yesterday I told you that it was best to blog more. In fact, the stats show that it's basically essential to blog more than you are blogging right now. Today, I'm going to tell you the opposite. This is why you should blog less...

March 23, 2012By

Why You Should Blog More

One of my favorite blogs to read on the Web is HupSpot. The company offers business blogging software and has been having some great success. They recently shared their earnings for the past years as well as the growth of their clients. This prompted me to run a report on their site for GBW and it included a few interesting stats on blogging...

March 22, 2012By