Comments Play Key Role in Blogging Success

A recent finding by eMarketer points out what businesses are looking for regarding their corporate blog. The top attribute of a successful blog was to see lots of reader engagement and comments. The finding also suggests businesses realize blogging is becoming a necessary way to do business. Customers are looking for blogs and businesses need to oblige to remain relevant.

January 10, 2011By Dayne Shuda

High Frequency Pays Off for Bloggers

I've written about the benefits of posting frequently for your blog. The annual State of the Blogosphere Report from Technorati confirms - the top blogs on the Web post more than the rest of the blogs and it's not by a small margin. There is a huge difference in the number of posts the top blog publish compared to other blogs. Check out the article for more...

January 1, 2011By Dayne Shuda

Why Blog

Wondering why you should blog? Here are some reasons...

January 1, 2011By Dayne Shuda

Optimizing a Blog Post for Search

How do you optimize a blog post for search? Search engines are the way I get the majority of traffic for the blogs I write for. I've been told it's ignorant to think there is an easy way to attack SEO, but there are a few things I do to format a blog post that seem easy and for the most part seem to work. Check out the post for a graphic of my typical blog post along with a few optimizing tips.

December 21, 2010By Dayne Shuda

Blogging Secret: The Edge of Agreement

For blogging to be successful on the level of discussion there needs to be some argument in the points you make. Trying to make everybody is not a strategy that will succeed in terms of encouraging discussion. I'm going through this myself and wanted to discuss the issue here.

December 11, 2010By Dayne Shuda

Companies Look to Educate Consumers

Looking ahead to 2011 there appears to be an ongoing shift in the amount of dollars spent on creating branded content. Companies are looking to educate consumers with branded content as a way to increase sales while improving customer relations. What is your company doing to create branded content in 2011? Are you planning on increasing the role of blogging and guest blogging?

December 9, 2010By Dayne Shuda

The Best Damn Marketing Tool

Thanks to an article yesterday on HubSpot I was able to once again discover a great video featuring Seth Godin and Tom Peters. In the short 2 minute video the two powerhouse businessmen discuss the impact blogging has had on themselves along with the power of blogging for individuals.

December 5, 2010By Dayne Shuda

Content Marketing Critical in 2011

A recent study found consumers are looking for quality content from brands in 2011. Content marketing will be a crucial part of success in the upcoming year. Content strategies can include video, social media, etc. This content can be published on various social media websites, on brand websites, and on blogs. What is your company doing to prepare?

December 3, 2010By Dayne Shuda

Setting Business Blog Expectations

When starting a business blog it's important to set the proper expectations. All i can share are my own experiences and what I see with most blogs I come across. There are several factors that determine the success of a blog, but a few have stood out the most to me in my experiences. Continue reading for more on setting proper expectations for blogging success.

November 30, 2010By Dayne Shuda

Brands Can Reach Bloggers by Blogging

Bloggers have not been satisfied with the way brands have been treating them. A common practice in the blogging world is for companies to expect bloggers to write about their company and products with little effort on the part of the company. And even if there is effort it often seems distant and impersonal. So what can brands do to connect with bloggers and gain valuable PR?

November 24, 2010By Dayne Shuda