Unique Places for Blog Keywords

A recent blog post on the Smart Blog on Social Media highlighted some insight from Lee Odden of Top Rank Marketing. In the article Odden mentioned a few unique ways to find keywords your customers are using to find answers to their questions on search engines. Keyword research is important for business websites and blogs. Optimizing for keywords is how you'll be able to pull in relevant traffic allowing web users to find your site. Continue reading for more on unique keyword research...

October 23, 2010By Dayne Shuda

Blogging Proves to Increase Leads

A recent study was highlighted on eMarketer highlighted the lead generation from social activities Twitter and blogging. The results may surprise you. One of the difficult things when it comes to creating a corporate blog is generating the proof that the effort and investment will lead to actual sales and profit. Continue reading for more on the findings. It may push you and your company over the edge into starting a blog...

October 22, 2010By Dayne Shuda

How Much Time to Spend Blogging

In a recent blog post Emily of HubSpot broke down a suggested percentage of time one should spend on inbound marketing. How much time do you think Emily suggests should be spent on creating content and blogging? You may be surprised to find out it's the largest percentage of your time. I have to agree that blogging is important for businesses...

October 21, 2010By Dayne Shuda

Blogging Builds Trust

In a recent article on Duct Tape Marketing, John Jantsch discusses content as part of a business strategy. He discusses the importance blogging can have for a business including how a blog can build trust and be a tool your business needs simply to compete in the competitive business landscape. As John Jantsch says, "...people today have come to expect to find information about any product, service, company, individual, cause or challenge they face by simply turning to the search engine of their choice."

October 18, 2010By Dayne Shuda

How To Make a Blog Post Work

Writing a successful blog post takes more effort than most realize. To really give your blog post the most chance of success it takes a little bit of research and reading before actually writing to put the post in the best position to be found, read, and acted upon by web users. In this post is an example of how I make blog posts and some tips on ways you can write your own blog posts...

October 12, 2010By Dayne Shuda

10 Business Blog Design Tips

The design of your business blog is important. Design has become one of the most important elements of web and business. In reality, design has always been a key component to business success. Design takes on the brand perception of your business. The logo, the packaging, the design of your website, and the design of your blog all have a role in the way your business is seen by your customers. Included in this post are 10 tips for successful business blog design...

October 9, 2010By Dayne Shuda

Increase Your Visibility With a Blog

Most businesses are always looking for ways to increase sales and sales leads. Last year's study from Technorati on the State of the Blogosphere shows that 71% of survey respondents increased their visibility through their blogs. Continue reading for more on how you can increase your company's visibility.

October 7, 2010By Dayne Shuda

10 Corporate Blogging Tips Expanded

This past summer the American Express Open Forum posted a blog with 10 tips for corporate blogging. It's worth your time to read through the tips on the original post. I've taken each of the tips and expanded on them with my own thoughts to provide even more depth to the article. Since business blogging is becoming so important this post should provide some good insight for your business blog...

October 5, 2010By Dayne Shuda

Convince Decision Makers to Approve a Blog

Getting the decision makers in your business to accept the opportunities a business blog offers can be difficult. It's up to you to build a solid case for a business blog. Examples of successful business blogs are great for presenting as evidence to the decision makers that blogs are beneficial for businesses. In this post is an example from a successful business blog that has been able to see success since launching as a way to drive more business for their company...

October 4, 2010By Dayne Shuda

Control Your Corporate Message

Companies have long struggled with getting their messages communicated to the public. A common problem is the distortion of the company's actual message as it passes through the various channels of media. Today there is more issue as people change the messages via social sharing websites and blogs. Controlling that message with your own company blog may help reduce any potential message distortion...

October 2, 2010By Dayne Shuda