Use a Blog to Get to Know Your Customer

If your company has clients that are small business owners there are some things you could learn that might improve your business. eMarketer shared a study showing that small business owners are feeling unappreciated as clients...

May 9, 2012By

How Important is Blog Design?

An article on recently highlighted a discussion two co-founders had about their company. They were questioning the best direction for one of their products. They were at disagreement over the importance of design. I thought it was interesting and it reminded me of questions I've had about the importance of blog design...

May 8, 2012By

What a 9-Year Old Can Teach You About Blogging

Kids are great. They have a wonderful perspective on life. They can also teach us quite a bit about life and even about business. There was a great article on that showed how kids can help you sell. I thought I'd change it a bit for how kids can help you with blogging...

May 7, 2012By

6 Habits of Successful Bloggers

Blogging is a relatively new item for most businesses. As managers and owners seek qualified writers for their blogging efforts, it's important to understand what makes a successful blogger. If you want your blogging strategy to bring in new customers then you'll need to have these habits in mind when hiring your blogger...

May 4, 2012By

5 Tips for Blogging on a Bootstrap

Small businesses struggle with a lot of things. The budget always seems to be a concern. For a small business looking to get into blogging there are a few ways to bootstrap the additional marketing effort...

May 3, 2012By

Creative Blogging and Morality

New studies have shown that morality and creativity don't seem to go hand in hand. In fact, those that are more creative appear to be more likely to break the rules of various kinds. In fact, it's possible for creative people to engage in all sorts of misdeeds. So how does one deal with the morality of creative folks including bloggers?

May 2, 2012By

As the Web Changes, Content Remains Important

There is an interesting article in Forbes right now. The articles talks about the decline of Google and Facebook in the future (talk about an interesting headline). The point is not that these companies will go bankrupt, but that they will go the way of MySpace. As mobile takes over as the new paradigm, these companies die. But something will never die...

May 1, 2012By

Pick Sides to Get More Blog Comments

The ultimate goal of blogging is to increase sales. There are many different goals that lead to sales and one of those could be comments. An issue with some blogs, though, is getting comments. Here is a big secret for you and how you can get more comments on your blog...

April 30, 2012By

Marketers Focusing on Mobile for Ads, Content

Mobile is becoming a big part of customer acquisition. The medium is something customers are using and in order to reach those customers marketers are using mobile ads, but also mobile content...

April 27, 2012By

Video Content Becoming Important, Blogging Still Effective

A new study highlighted on eMarketer is once again showing the growing importance of video content. As more companies look to content to drive sales and improve business, it will be important to have a good mix of video and written content...

April 26, 2012By