Find Blogging Gems Within Your Business

You don't need to be Ernest Hemingway to have a good company blog. You might be a little apprehensive about your own blogging ability, but there should be people within your own company that can help. Here is how you can seek out the resources right at your own company and use their knowledge to create customer-centric blog posts that bring in sales leads...

November 15, 2011By Dayne Shuda

SEO Beats PPC and Social Media for Business Leads

It's becoming more important each day to start a blog for your business. I'm bias, but from the news coming out each day it seems obvious. Google is demanding fresh content and consumers are demanding organic content. Check out this story about SEO vs. PPC vs. Social...

November 7, 2011By Dayne Shuda

Google Wants Fresh Content

Google has been giving hints of wanting fresh content for years. Fresh content, created on an ongoing basis, is something Google has placed emphasis on in the past, but recently they made a major change to their results and now time of post has become a major factor in search results. Is your company prepared for this change?

November 5, 2011By Dayne Shuda

Blog Posts Most Valuable Form of Content Marketing

There is a new study available from eMarketer. The results of the study indicates that content marketing is becoming more accepted as a way to generate leads for businesses. And the top from of content marketing for lead generation is blogging...

October 24, 2011By Dayne Shuda

US Ad Agencies Finding New Clients with Blogs

Ad agencies in the US are trying all the latest social media and internet marketing tricks to find leads for new clients. The real success of finding new customers, though, comes from the tried and true method of blogging. Still, these agencies aren't giving blogging a serous thought? My opinion is that blogging is tough, but the most rewarding way for a business to acquire new customers. Check it out...

October 21, 2011By Dayne Shuda

Building Your Brand With a Business Blog

Google is your number one ally and number one enemy when it comes to blogging. The Google Gods determine - for the most part - the traffic that will be sent to your site. In the last six months, Google has decided to shift their focus on rewarding brands that have strong recognition not just on the web, but everywhere. This makes it the most important task for your business blog - branding...

October 18, 2011By Dayne Shuda

Tumblr and Short Blog Posts

Tumblr has been doing something that was difficult - breaking into the world of Blogger and Wordpress. Over the last few years Tumblr has been growing at a huge rate and is now considered one of the bigger blogging platforms. It's now time to start considering what their strategy means for your business...

October 12, 2011By Dayne Shuda

Producing Unique Content for Facebook…Smart Idea?

Some news came out of ExactTarget and eMarketer that has popular blogging software company Hubspot thinking companies should be producing unique content for fans on Facebook. While that's certainly something worth pursuing, I think it's still important to focus more efforts on producing content for your own media channel: your own company blog...

October 9, 2011By Dayne Shuda

How To Form a Business Blogging Strategy

Something I've been doing for a while without even realizing it is to create a business blogging strategy. With each of the blogs others and I have worked with at Ghost Blog Writers along with personal blogs, there has been a process of learning and researching the business and its landscape. And eventually we arrive at a place where we can start blogging, with direction, while continuously experimenting and trying new things...

September 30, 2011By Dayne Shuda

Blog Design Case Study: The Top Nav Impact

Have you ever played around with the design elements on your blog? Recently I did some analysis on Country Music Life. I decided the best way to go was to focus on new country songs and albums. As a result of this decision I moved a link to the New Country Songs page on the site from the sidebar to the top nav. The results were very interesting (if not expected)...

September 21, 2011By Dayne Shuda