Are Business Blog Posts Just Glorified Press Releases?

blogging and press releases
Extra! Extra! Blogging is more than just a press release strategy. via Flickr

There is quite a bit of chatter on the Internet about blogging and specifically about business blogging these days.

Some of it is negative and as a business blogger it can be frustrating to see it. Lately, though, I’m realizing that anytime someone talks negatively about business blog it’s actually at least partly my fault for not filling a need they have.

For example, if someone is frustrated with the idea of business blogging because they think it’s worthless then it’s my fault for not having a better reason that blogging is a good marketing strategy.

If someone tries a business blog and fails it’s my fault for not giving them the tools and knowledge they needed to make it a success.

Just recently I read a comment about business blogging that said a business blog was basically just another way for companies to publish press releases. This post brings up a few good points…

Business Blogging, Personal Blogging and MySpace

First, let’s look at one of the ideas that is still prevalent throughout the online world. The idea is that blogging is still all about a person sitting in their basement writing diary entries about their daily life.

Yes, that is a form of blogging and really there is nothing wrong with that. For some, keeping a diary is a way to get out frustration and a way to connect with others that have similar life situations.

A business blog an follow the concept of a personal blog, but there is so much more to blogging that that one format. We’ll talk more about format in the next section, but remember that blogging is more than personal blogging.

Next, there is another idea that business blogging is just a fad like MySpace. It’s another social media gimmick that will run its course.

The reality is that business blogging is another avenue for business content marketing. For as long as there has been business and commerce there has been content marketing. It’s about connecting with your audiences through words or visuals or video. The blog or even the Internet is just a new media to make connections with your audience.

We may call it blogging today, but really it’s just a way to connect with your target audiences and it’s a great way to do that.

Business Blog Formats and Strategies

Business blogging goes way beyond personal blogging. However storytelling, which is a type of personal blog format, is actually a great way to connect with your audience. There are many other business blog formats and strategies, though.

Businesses tell stories, create how-to articles, write entire guides on topics, create videos and do all kinds of things that connect with their audience. The idea is to provide value in some way to the target audience so the business’s product becomes more value and different from the competition.

Are Press Releases Really That Bad?

Back to the original comment.

First, business blogging is more than just announcing company news, which is usually what a press release does. Yes, there are some business blogs out there that do this and it’s fine. If someone finds it valuable then the blog can do well.

But as we just talked about, business blogging goes way beyond announcing company news.

And really, are press releases a bad thing? They can be a little one dimensional and company-focused, but people still read them all the time because they get information.

I think a diverse blog strategy with multiple blog formats is the way to go, but business blogging is much more than just releasing presses releases on a company website.

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