Why You Should Blog More

Today, I ran a report using Marketing Grader.

I was reading various blog posts on the Web and realized that HubSpot has been experiencing some great growth in the last few years. This past year they had their best year ever. It’s great news for those participating in inbound marketing.

This post led me to the grader and once I had the results there were three important stats that gave me the idea to expand on a few topics I’ve written about before on GBW.

Here were the stats:

  • Businesses that blog at least 20 times per month generate 5X more traffic and 4X more leads than those that only blog a few times per month. – HubSpot
  • B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those that do not. – HubSpot
  • Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links than those that don’t. Creating great content is the key to getting inbound links – there’s just no substitute. – HubSpot

It’s hard to look at these statistics and not want to start blogging…frequently.

Why You Should Blog More

Blogging leads to an increase in sales.

HubSpot’s data is based off their analysis of their clients. These are businesses that are blogging as a way to create sales leads. HubSpot’s customers are seeing the results mentioned above and there is no reason your company can’t seen an increase in traffic, sales, and profit also.

Well…actually there is a reason your company might not see the results above – you won’t blog frequently.

It was just a few months ago when I increased the posting frequency here on GBW. I went from posting once per week to posting at least five times each week. This change has been part of the reason for the increase in leads per month at GBW, which are up from about 1 each month or 1 every few months to about a handful each month.

While the frequency seems to have played an important role in this increase it can probably also be attributed to a new site redesign and the fact that the business is aging and gaining more traction. As a business of this nature gains more clients, referrals naturally go up (if the business is doing a pretty good job at what it promises).

The traffic on GBW has been growing as well with more posts.

It’s simple. The more content you publish, the more content there is for potential customers to discover in search engines and on social networks.

The results we’re seeing on GBW seem to match the results HubSpot’s clients are seeing. It’s good to know that the strategy is working for others. The plan is to continue posting five times each week on GBW.

It can be difficult to post this often. I try to find interesting topics that you will find valuable. I know I don’t always hit a home run, but that’s what I shoot for each time.

In fact, what I really aim for is to build on each post I’ve written previously. I want the blog here on Ghost Blog Writers to serve as an ongoing commentary on how businesses can succeed with blogging.

This goal is the same goal we share with each of our clients as well. We want them to grow their customer base by becoming a source of knowledge and truth in their industry. We want to create an ongoing commentary that their customers find interesting and valuable.

The way to achieve this is to provide consistent content by blogging well and blogging often.

Stay tuned, though, because tomorrow I’m going to contradict this post…

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