Blog Ideas For Cleaning & Sanitizing Businesses

Closed For CleaningCleaning and sanitizing services are more important than ever.

We know now that cleaning what we can see as well as what we can’t see is vital for our health. But obviously in many situations it’s critical to call in the professionals that have the experience and knowledge to get the job done correctly.

Both in our homes and in commercial and public settings.

But it’s not just the service. These organizations can offer their vast knowledge via content channels like blogs, social media, video, podcasting and more. And many are doing just that.

If you own or operate a cleaning or sanitizing business, here are some ideas to help boost your blogging efforts…

1. Current Event Commentary

There is a lot of information coming out in this industry right now. That will likely continue for several years. As sanitation comes into the forefront of people’s minds, they will be asking a lot of questions. Not all of the answers and information will be coming from those with the most experience.

That’s where established businesses can provide information. Take a popular news story or common question from the audience and provide your commentary on what is happening. Use your years of experience to address the issue.

Many things will still be relatively new. It’s fine if you’re unable to answer every question, but there are likely many that you’ll be able to answer.

2. Industry Updates

People are curious about the progress in sanitation. As a business owner, you’re likely to have access to cutting edge information. Both for new products and new procedures. People are looking for this kind of information and you can be one of the main sources for it.

You don’t have to “break” any big time news before anybody else. Just take the time to put your thoughts down on the new things you’re doing that will help lead to a cleaner and safer world for people. It’s going to be a long time before people lose interest in this area so they’ll be searching for info online and clicking on it on social media.

3. Behind The Scenes

People feel better when they see you in action. You can take some video of your team doing what you do. How you organize things and how you handle things in the field.

Standalone images and photos can seem scary or off putting without context. So providing commentary about what you’re doing can make people feel more comfortable with it. Obviously there are likely some tricky situations that you’re dealing with, but the more people read about your team’s comfort, the more comfortable they will become.

4. Checklists

You have deep knowledge and experience in your field. At times it can seem like doing something more basic and simple puts you in a bad light. We all like to show off our skills and abilities.

But most people don’t have the same experience as you. They are looking for the basics they can do to clean and sanitize. You can share knowledge and tips that help a lot of people.

Give readers the basics for getting started with better cleaning and sanitizing. Checklists are great for this.

And the good news is that businesses and organizations will still hire you. Both for the more in depth sanitizing, but also for the simple things. Many people like to do things DIY, but many more like to read about DIY and then decide that it’s better to hire someone with experience.

5. Case Studies

There are likely opportunities for case studies. Your clients will likely want the good press of taking the initiative to clean and sanitize their facilities. And people will be very interested in reading about the good things happening in the industry. And you can be the source of that information that is making people feel good about this industry.

With case studies, it’s best to stick with the facts and the story. You don’t have to embellish anything for the readers. They will get a lot out of the reason for the client hiring you and how you found a solution and provided it.


You’re probably busy right now. The world has changed. You’re in a position to provide some needed and comforting information for the general public. It can also put you in a great light as you move into an important decade for your industry.

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