This is what most companies are looking for when it comes to business blogging.

ROI breaks down into three parts from our perspective.

  1. Traffic
  2. Leads
  3. Sales

This is the process of business blogging. You write content that generates new traffic. You earn the trust of new visitors with your content after earning their interest. From there they become interested in your company and the services you offer. The visitor turns into a lead when they use your contact form or call you directly. From there your sale staff takes on the lead and turns the visitor into a sale. Your business earns revenue and profit and your blogging efforts become profitable.

That’s how it works in an ideal dream, but if you’re wondering if this actually works then this post is for you. I’m going to share the basic ROI of business blogging for Ghost Blog Writers.

The ROI of Business Blogging for Ghost Blog Writers

Dayne Shuda
Hi, I’m Dayne.

This is me – Dayne Shuda.

I started Ghost Blog Writers back the summer of 2010 as a side job. From there things started to show some traction and in the summer of 2012 the business became a full-time job. Recently we’ve added additional writers to handle the increase in demand for blog posts and other content for clients.

It’s been a great few months and I only look for things to improve in 2013 and beyond. We have some lofty goals for GBW and I’m happy that each of our clients are part of that growth.

If you’re a new reader and are interested in GBW please contact us.

Now, let’s get into the details.

Right now at GBW we have clients that need a varying number of posts each month. Some are looking for daily posts and others are looking for weekly posts. Since it’s a good place to start, the majority of clients need weekly posts.

For GBW that’s a couple hundred bucks in revenue each month. For the year it’s in the thousands and if we do a good job and get our clients more traffic, leads and sales it can lead to a higher demand for posts.

As I mentioned in the post – The Last Two Months at GBW – we’ve been adding clients. All of these clients have found our site either through our blog or have been convinced to contact us because of the content on the site and the blog.

People either find us by searching for longtail content like “how to start a business blog” or they search for something like “blog writer for business” and from there dig into the blogging content to see what we’re all about. Visitors that are interested then contact us and from there some turn into clients.

Looking back on what the ROI is on the posts it makes sense start at the number of posts. We just passed the 300 post mark here on GBW. Paying someone to write posts like that would cost into the 10 or 20 thousand dollar range depending on a few factors.

But what these efforts have provided GBW are assets that drive continual search and social traffic. Every person that finds GBW as a result of the blog content is a potential lead and a potential sale.

Blogging is a long-term and large investment, but now consider the new clients signing up. Each client at a couple hundred dollars a month or more will more than pay for the blogging investment. What is a few thousand dollars a month could turn into several thousand dollars for years to come (if we do a great job).

For B2B clients you would look to create maybe one post per week on your website. The goal would be to obviously get as many clients as possible, but realistically maybe 2-3 in the first year. The blogging efforts start paying off once you have clients paying you thousands and the great thing is your blog content is around for the life of your website. People will always find that content and it will always be driving leads.

That is the ROI of B2B business blogging.

It works for GBW and it can work for you.

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