Author: Dayne Shuda

Author: Dayne Shuda

Author: Dayne Shuda

Author: Dayne Shuda

Author: Dayne Shuda

Author: Dayne Shuda

Author: Dayne Shuda

Author: Dayne Shuda

Author: Dayne Shuda

Author: Dayne Shuda

6 Habits of Truly Successful Bloggers is always a great place to find inspiration. Their articles are interesting and I think what I enjoy most is they are often written by entreprenuers. Today we take inspiration from a recent article and twist it to make sense from a blogging perspective.

May 29, 2012By

A Balanced Business Model

I find myself often thinking of business models, but only on specific methods of how businesses acquire new customers. The reality is most successful business figure out how to balance their customer acquisition. It seems to be the best method for success in the long run.

May 28, 2012By

Reason Not to Blog Part 2

After yesterday's post I realized there were more reasons business owners decide not to blog. Let's continue the discussion by pointing out the other side of these arguments.

May 25, 2012By

Reasons Not to Blog

Here on GBW I'm always making the argument for business blogging. Today I thought I'd address some of the common counter-arguments against blogging. As with anything, there are two sides to every story and that includes blogging...

May 24, 2012By

Blogging Strategy 201: List Building

Yesterday I wrote about the idea of blogging for SEO. It's my opinion that SEO should not be the focus (or at the very least the main focus) of a blogging strategy. It's much better to focus on blogging as a way to increase a company's referrals. In that post I led into the idea of list building. So let's continue that discussion...

May 23, 2012By

Blogging Is No Longer About SEO

Many businesses get into blogging as a way to increase their SEO. It's a loosely defined strategy, but it's common. I see it all the time. I'm here to say that those folks are getting it partly right. Blogging is great, but SEO is not the reason to start a blog...

May 22, 2012By

Blogging is a Big Business Project

Expectations are critical with any business project. As the owner of a business, you realize the importance of projects. You probably have various projects going on right now to address growth strategies. Think about blogging as another project. It's a great way to put the proper expectations in place...

May 21, 2012By

Vision Is a Key Component of a Successful Blog

Having a vision is something that benefits your blog. The vision is a way to motivate your bloggers to write amazing blog posts. As the business owner, it's your job to provide a clear vision. This involves knowing at least a few of the basics of blogging...

May 18, 2012By

A Guide to Building a Blogging Network

This topic is kind of confusing. The network I'm going to discuss in this article refers to the people you connect with in your blogging niche. These folks will become important for a variety of reasons. Let's look at how you can build your network of bloggers to ensure more success for your own blog...

May 17, 2012By

A Few Keys to Understanding Freelance Bloggers

Businesses of all sizes are expanding into blogging. This requires writers and often requires a business to use freelancers to write blog posts. Here are a few tips for working with freelance bloggers...

May 16, 2012By