10 Women With Amazing Business Blogs

Sarah Bird
Sarah Bird is the CEO of Moz.

I love reading all kinds of blogs. There are millions of different perspectives on life and you can really learn something from everybody. I love stumbling on a new blog and reading what the person has to say. You get a feel for their personality and it can make you think about life in a different way.

I like reading blogs about various topics including business, golf and psychology, but I also like stumbling on other types of blogs.

Recently, read a few great posts and realized they were by some really talented and really smart women in business. I wanted to put together a list of some great female business bloggers.

So here is a list of some of the great ones.

1. Sarah Bird

Sarah is the new CEO of Moz. Her taking over was one of the bigger stories early in 2014 in the tech world. The company’s former CEO, Rand Fishkin, has been very open and honest with his experiences taking Moz to great heights over the last several years. He keeps a blog and is very forthcoming with his story and it’s really helpful for other executives.

Sarah brings a new perspective to the popular Moz blog. Her first post was a recap of the year the company had in 2013. That was her first post on the Moz blog in a few years and I’m hoping she continues with a few more updates this year.

Visit: Sarah’s Blog | @sarahbird

2. Michelle Zatlyn

Michelle is a co-founder at CloudFlare. Their products make your site supercharged with more capabilities including more speed. The CloudFlare blog has tons of good information including a great archive of posts from Michelle. She hasn’t posted one in about a year, but there is always hope that she picks up blogging again and until then you can read through her past posts.

Visit: Michelle’s Blog | @zatlyn

3. Penny Herscher

Penny Herscher is the CEO of FirstRain. The company provides tools that allows businesses to better understand the analytics of their company. From there they can make better decisions and even more sales.

Penny keeps a blog at The Grassy Road. She has a wonderful take on life and business. The posts cover all spectrums of life providing a really great perspective and viewpoint on the world. It’s full of personality and that makes for a really engaging and educational blog.

Visit: Penny’s Blog | @pennyherscher

4. Ash Ambirge

Ash started the blog, the middle finger project, to help business owners. The goal is to provide fresh ideas with all the content they create. There is some really great stuff on the blog including Ash’s archive.

Visit: Ash’s Blog | @TMFproject

5. Michele Miller

Michele is an expert on business, branding and female consumers. Her insight has led to consulting projects with large brands and she’s also an international speaker. Her archive on the Wonder Branding blog has some really great insight.

Visit: Michele’s Blog

6. Laura Ries

Laura is a popular branding consultant and author. Her blog is kept up-to-date with great information about advertising, branding and business. There is a unique personality in the content and that’s what makes this blog worth following.

Visit: Laura’s Blog | @lauraries

7. Lauren Bacon & Emira Mears

Lauren and Emira are the authors of The Boss Of You and the blog of the same name. They cover all the topics that someone would need to know to start her own business. It’s focused on women, but the blog is full of really great information for anyone looking to start a business of their own.

Visit: Lauren & Emira’s Blog | @laurenbacon & @emiramears | Emira’s Blog

8. Sabrina Parsons

Sabrina is the CEO of a software company. Her blog has great information for females in the workforce and provides her insight from the perspective of a working mother including all the rewards and challenges that come with it. It’s really a great read for anyone interested in a new perspective on life/work balance and business in general.

Visit: Sabrina’s Blog | @mommyceo

9. Natalie MacNeil

Natalie started a business to help women start their own businesses. She’s been using video to share her insight and knowledge with readers on her blog. There is a lot of good information shared including everything from designing your workspace to social media to increasing sales.

Visit: Natalie’s Blog | @NatalieMacNeil

10. Marissa Mayer

Marissa is the CEO of Yahoo! She’s a former Googler and is very well known and respected in the business world. Her company purchased the blogging platform, Tumblr, recently and she maintains her own blog there. It has a lot of neat information shared and it’s an interesting follow and a different way to look at blogging.

Visit: Marissa’s Blog | @marissamayer

Hopefully these women can provide inspiration for your business blog. They’re providing added value to their employees, colleagues and customers by blogging and you can do the same. You just need to get started.

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