A Few Of My Favorite Blogs

One of my favorite blogs.
One of my favorite blogs.

When people hear about what a business blog can do for their business they start getting curious.

They’ll start reading blogs about online marketing.

They’ll start reading blogs about health, sports and other topics that are interesting.

When I work with new clients I ask a series of questions. We discuss the business and what makes it unique. We discuss the target customer or what we call the ideal reader.

We also discuss the blogs that they enjoy reading.

This helps us understand what the person already likes to read and what they’re looking for in their own blog. We combine that with our knowledge and experience to create posts.

Well today I was thinking about the question I ask clients about their favorite blogs and I thought I could share some of my favorite blogs and why I like them.


These posts are usually short. The author scours psychology databases for interesting studies. He takes those studies and turns them into interesting and useful takeaways for how humans think and act. You learn a lot about yourself and why you might do certain things by reading this blog.

It’s also helpful if you’re in business and looking for an understanding of why people do what they do. There’s obvious benefit for figuring out how to connect with people and to get them to make a purchase.

Visit: PsyBlog

The Art Of Manliness

This blog teaches modern day men the characteristics of being a more refined man of the past. You can learn how to wear a tie and how to interact with new people in public. Lots of great knowledge for men young and old looking to be more of a man.

Visit: The Art Of Manliness


Kevin Hillstrom provides a unique perspective on business today. He’s particularly invested in the catalog and omnichannel world. Follow his blog and you’ll soon get an understanding that business isn’t much more complicated than having great merchandise, low-cost customer acquisition and profit.

If you focus on things other than that you’ll probably make poor decisions.

Visit: MineThatData

Mark’s Daily Apple

For the past two or three years I’ve had a complete change in the way I eat. I was never drastically overweight , but since I was 16 years old I’ve had high blood pressure. I was always under the impression that the cause was simply bad genes and that pills were the only way to keep my pressure low.

That was until I found sites like Mark’s Daily Apple and the next blog on this list, Mercola.

Today, my body is lean an mean. My blood pressure is low (without any pills). I feel great and I can still eat great foods. I just have an understanding now of what I should be eating (vegetables and protein) and what I shouldn’t be eating (grains and sugar).

It’s changed my life. Obviously a blog that can change your life is worth listing on a favorite blogs list.

Visit: Mark’s Daily Apple


See above and you’ll know why I’m following this blog. If ever I have a question about health I go here. The information has rarely steered me wrong and I like to focus on results and not what people think they you.

You’ll get a lot of different answers if you ask people what is healthy. I got sick of people that were overweight telling me how to eat and what was health. I focused on the people actually getting results and that’s where I go for information.

Visit: Mercola

Taste Of Country

I’m a fan of country music in case you didn’t already know. I have my own site at Country Music Life.

But I don’t focus all my attention there. I also visit Taste Of Country. They are always in the know about what’s happening in country music. This is a good strategy for businesses to follow. Provide news and insight into your industry and people will follow.

Visit: Taste Of Country

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Green Bay Packers

During the fall I follow my Green Bay Packers. I have since I was a kid. I still remember watching Don Majkowski, The Majik Man, play before the days of Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Every Sunday when I was a kid I’d put on my full Packer uniform for every game and sit in front of the TV will my helmet on and football in my arms.

The MJS Packer coverage is top notch. I particularly love the interviews they do with players and they also have some great in-depth stories.

Visit: MJS – Packers

Bowhunting.com – Bowhunt Or Die

The fall is a busy time of year for me. I have the Green Bay Packers and I also have deer hunting season. I love it so much that I even have my own site that kind of documents my adventures each year – HunterShare.

Bowhunting.com is a great source of information for hunters, but I particularly love their weekly online hunting show. It’s very innovative. If you know anything about hunting shows you know that they’re typically shown on TV and the hunts took place an entire year before.

Not this show. This show is updated weekly during the season and you get hunting footage almost up to the day the show goes live.

I love the Internet.

Visit: Bowhunting.com – Bowhunt Or Die


There are many other blogs I read all the time depending on the time of year or day of the week.

As you can see, just by knowing a few of the blogs a person reads you can pick up on their personality and the types of posts that interest them. This helps us understand the type of blog that a business owner or business manager wants their blog to become.

We don’t create exactly that type of blog, but rather use some of the influences to create something that is the same yet unique in a few ways. It’s all about taking what we know and innovating to create something hopefully better.

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