Today is Black Friday.

Ugh. The thought of this day makes me gag. I can’t stand the thought of stuffing myself into a dirty mall full of people for a few hours of shopping. Nothing in the world is that important to me especially saving a few bucks on a TV.

But Black Friday is a big deal for a lot of shoppers. Over the years, shoppers and businesses have successfully made this the biggest shopping day of the year.

Way to go.

Here is what I’m going to tell you. Take Black Friday off.

That’s right.

Successful business is not about Black Friday.

Successful business is about 364 days a year.

Blogging 364 Days a Year

While other businesses in all industries from retail to small business are struggling for attention on Black Friday it’s your job to focus on the other days of the year. That’s right, you’ll have much better odds of succeeding if you focus on the rest of the year instead of a single day in the fall.

Here’s the plan.

Step 1 – Start the Business Blog

Starting tomorrow, put your business blogging idea into action. Mark down this date because in a year, after consistent publishing daily, weekly or even monthly, you’ll have a year’s worth of posts. Looking back on the year you’ll realize that you’re getting search traffic, social traffic and other referral traffic to your business site. This is traffic. These visitors and leads and new customers. Your blog works for you 364 days a year.

Step 2 – Be Consistent

People appreciate consistency. That’s one thing that’s always confused me about discounting and things like Black Friday. For the most part we all like when things stay the same or only change slightly over time. I figure people are much more appreciative throughout the year when your price is consistent. Be consistent in all you do 364 days a year. Keep your pricing at the level that is fair to customers and fair to you. Be consistent with your blog posts whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly. Also be consistent with your cash flow. You can focus on one day or even one month a year for sales or you can focus on steady sales today and every day.

Step 3 – Forget About Special Days for Good

It’s not about Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any other day marketers make up throughout the year. How about if we just call today another day when you can acquire a new customer? I think that’s the best way to do business. It’s best for you and for customers.

That’s the goal for today. Take Black Friday off and focus on the 364 days other days in the year.

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