Nothing to Blog? 11 Things to Blog Right Now

There are a few challenges with blogging.

According to a survey at Problogger, there are three big issues for bloggers:

  1. Finding Readers
  2. Monetization
  3. Finding Time to Blog (I think most people just don’t love blogging as much as they think they do…)

I would like to add one to the list.

  • Finding blog post ideas

It’s something I run into myself. Sometimes there are just days when I look at the empty WordPress text area and wonder what I’m going to write about. Over the years, though, I have developed a few methods that allow me to always have inspiration for a blog post topic.

After reading this post from Inc.comTwitter Tips: 11 Things to Tweet When You Don’t Have Anything To Say – I thought it was the perfect inspiration for a post about blog ideas.

11 Things to Blog Right Now

1. Other Blog Posts and Website Articles

You probably recognize this strategy of mine because…well…you’re reading a post that is an example of this method. When I’m out of ideas I look to other similar websites and blogs for inspiration. I’ll see what others in the industry are writing about and try to find ways to add my own perspective or insight. Don’t copy what others are saying. Find topic inspiration and add to the conversation. Also be sure to give full credit.

2. Latest Trends & News

There is likely much happening in your industry. It seems there is always something newsworthy that your customers are reading about. Take inspiration from the news headlines and provide perspective. Provide your point of view. This is more valuable than reporting the news. Your customers will appreciate your recommendations and understanding about news topics.

3. Personal Profile

You could write a blog post about yourself, an employee, or someone in your industry you admire. These featured stories always do well. They add a personal touch to your blog and your company. People connect with people. This is true for real life and for your blog and your business.

4. Answer a Question

What was the last question a customer asked you? Now use your answer for a blog post. It really can be that easy. Ask your customers what they are struggling with and see if you can turn that into a blog post. Of course you’ll want to solve problems with new products and services, but sometimes a blog post will suffice.

5. Say Thank You

A blog post could simply thank your loyal readers for their commitment to your blog. You could ask for feedback on past blog posts. You could gain an understanding for what readers want. They might even share suggestions for future posts. You’ll get a new post, great insight, and even some new post ideas.

6. Share a Customer Story

Your customers always have stories about your products. Even if they aren’t flashy and funny they can still be useful. Interview one of your customers and ask them if you can share their story in a blog post. Once again, people connect with people and their stories. A customer story is a great blog post idea.

7. Update An Old Post

If you have been blogging for a little bit of time there is a chance your old posts are out of date. It happens. It can happen especially if you provide perspective on the news. It’s Ok to go back into your archives and then provide an updated analysis of a topic. Leave the old post. This adds authenticity. People realize that you can change perspective. We are always learning and evolving. Update an old post with your expanded knowledge.

8. Company Update

Did something exciting happen at your company? If you want to be transparent then you can share the details in a blog post. Your readers will love it and feel connected to you. People like to feel like they are part of something especially if it’s successful.

9. Write About a Partner

Share the success of a partner. As a business, you likely work with other people in business. Share their stories. Share a mutual story about how their product helped you with a problem. Recommend their product to your customers. Your partner will appreciate it and your readers will too if the recommendation is truly a good one.

10. Compare Things

The best example I can think of for this is Copyblogger. They are always comparing things with their blog. Here are just a few crazy examples:

I love this blog. They write interesting posts and somehow comparing things makes a topic easier to understand.

11. Make a List

This is a timeless classic. People love lists. You can create a list about anything related to your industry. Make sure you put some thought into it. Add some context and explanation with each item. Make sure your reader can scan the post and then dive deeper into each item.

You’re reading a list post right now. The titles are catchy.

List posts just seem to work well. If you’re out of ideas. Pick an industry topic and make a list.

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