10 Ways To Get Social Media Followers Back To Your Website

Website ComputerSocial media can be a great way to grow your business.

From a general standpoint, social media is a way for you to connect with others. Ideally, the folks you’re connecting with are your target customers. And with social media you earn their interest (big step) and then earn their trust (bigger step) and finally their business (biggest step).

That process can happen without your website. A follower could see a post you’ve shared. Maybe a video you posted on Facebook or something and they saw in your description that you sold an item or service and they got in touch.

But most times in today’s world the sales process involves the website where you have all the information that leads an interested person through to making a purchase.

So let’s look at some ways you can get social media followers back to your website where you can make the sale.

1. Question & Answer

When I write blog posts I like to answer questions that the target audience has. It’s a good blogging strategy and a good way to attract an audience. When you help people with their questions you’re offering the most basic, but useful, form of value.

And you can lead into your answers by asking a question and providing the answer with the link back to your site.

For example, let’s say you’re a library and a common question is what the most popular book of the month is. Your social post would look like this:

Q: What’s the most popular book this month?

A: {link}

It’s simple, but it works. People want to know the answer…

2. Partial Quotes

Quotes are something that people like to see on social media. I’m talking more about the latest quotes like something an influencer said in an industry. In a business setting this might be something that the CEO of your company said and that you put in a blog post. You lead in on social media and bring them back to the full post to see the full quote.

Here is a good example from the football world where Rob Demovsky gives a partial quote from GB Packers coach Mike McCarthy leading to the ESPN website:

I also like the use of the photo. That makes the tweet stand out more.

3. Partial Lists

It seems like everybody loves a good list. List posts work on blogs and they work on social media. You can put an entire list on social media, but you can also use partial lists to bring followers back to your website.

Here is an example from the PGA Tour:

That’s one example, but others I’ve seen might be a list of say a Top 5. You countdown from 5 through 2 on social media and with the 1 you add the link requiring followers to click to see the #1 item on the list.

4. Partial Videos

I’ve seen this a few times over the years. Some businesses will share full videos on social media and I think that’s good, but what is cool is when they show like a 10 second clip on social media and then provide a link to the full video back on the website. It’s a little extra work to create two videos, but you’re really just creating a clip of the first one.

And it’s not really a new strategy. Movies always create trailers to sell you on the movie. You get the trailer for free, but you have to go to the theater to see the full thing.

5. Partial Gallery

There’s a theme here..and let’s continue it with partial galleries. This would be sharing a photo or perhaps a couple photos on social media, but bringing followers back to your site where they can see the full gallery.

Here is a good example from the PGA Tour:

6. Company Stories

Something I get asked from time to time is how companies can show their personality on social media and in blog posts or videos or whatever. A great way to do that is to simply talk about what the people at your company are doing. It might be writing about the story of a company event or party and sharing it on social media. You lead in a little bit on social and then bring them back with a link to the full story. Add a photo on social and include more in the story back on your site. People want to get to know the people behind the brand.

7. New Items To Share

New items are exciting for a business and for customers. When I worked in the shoe industry it was always exciting when new shoes would become available. The person in charge of social would share really good posts that got followers excited and then they would link to the new shoe or collection of shoes. They might do something like:

You won’t BELIEVE the shoe we just got in. Check it out…

And that would lead to some good clickthrough rates.

8. Collaborate

Another way to get traffic back to your site from social is to collaborate. Create a piece of content with another business or another influencer and publish it on your website. Then you both can share it on social and you’ll get all those followers coming to your site. You might have to trade back and forth about whose site gets the content. Or you might have to work harder on the content in order to get it published on your site.

9. Stat Collections

These always seem to work. It’s been a strategy for a while. HubSpot has a good collection. Make one of those and share one stat from time to time and then link to the rest of the stats. It’s something that people want to see. it takes work to build, but it will bring traffic for a long time if you keep re-sharing it.

10. Case Studies

Finally, case studies tell a story and people are interested in them. And the good thing is that they’re really a little more closer to closing a sale than something like a stat collection or blog post. When you create a new case study, pull something interesting out from it that your target customers would be interested in and lead people to the full case study.

And once you have the study published go back to it and re-share it on a regular basis, maybe every other week or something like that.


One of the ways to profit from social media is to get your followers back to your website. It seems simple, but followers need a reason to come back to your site. They’re comfortable in the confines of Twitter and Facebook or whatever site they’re on. It’s a challenge to get them to leave, but it’s something you have to do. Try the tips above and you should get some success. They’ve worked on me. I’ve tried them and it’s worked. Give a couple a try and see if you can get more traffic back to your site from social media.

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