10 Ways To Be More Creative Everyday

Reading, being bored and other things allow you to be more creative.

We all know the benefits of a creative mind.

Creativity leads to new ideas and opportunities for businesses, work and life in general.

Creativity is also good for your health. It can be a stress reducer. Who doesn’t need that? It can also help with your mood, relationships and overall brain health and well-being.

I’m not sure why it happens, but it seems that many people struggle with creativity at certain points in life. Maybe it’s something that naturally happens as we age. I don’t know.

But it seems that creativity is important.

So if you’re looking to be more creative every day then here are some ways to accomplish it.

1. Embrace Boredom

Many of us are afraid of boredom.

Have you ever found yourself sitting around with nothing to do?

Do you react negatively to this situation or do you embrace it?

I would bet that most of the time you look negatively at being bored. But it turns out that boredom is an essential and positive part of life for adults and children alike.

Some of the most creative people in history have embraced boredom. That’s when your mind is free to think out of the box.

Remember when you were a kid and your mind would wander, thinking about crazy things. Maybe you had imaginary friends. Maybe you created new games for yourself and for others. Whatever it was, it was creativity at work and that’s where the best ideas come from.

But you have to embrace boredom to put your mind in the right place.

2. Be Instead of Do

This builds on the last point a bit.

Are you someone that needs to be doing something? You can’t just let time pass?

Many people are like this. They load their days with endless tasks. Some tasks are essential, but many are not. They’re just fillers for the day so that we’re always doing.

Instead of doing stuff all the time just be comfortable with being.

Being is about accepting and allowing. You experience the moment without a goal in mind. You don’t judge what’s happening. You observe what’s happening and allow it to happen.

3. Meet New People

It’s good to surround yourself with the right kind of people. It’s good to have a regular group of friends that you can trust and depend on.

But it’s also important to be open to meeting new people. Everybody has something to offer the world. We have a wide variety of world views and ideas and energies. The more time you spend around new people the more your mind is challenged and that leads to creative thinking.

4. Read

Much of the world today is about video content, which is great. I love videos. I love YouTube.

But reading, and reading actual books, is incredible for your mind. Get your library card dusted off or get one if you don’t have one and get in the habit of reading regularly.

Books open your mind to new ideas. They’re bouncing off points for your own thinking. They help you be more creative.

Many people are voracious readers when they’re young, but lose that part of life over time. There’s no reason for that to happen.

5. Cut Back On Phone Use

We’re attached to our phones today. I know that I’ve been guilty of using the phone too much.

Cutting back on how much we use our phones isn’t easy and it kind of relates to the other items on this list.

When you put the phone down you’ll probably feel a shock to your system. You won’t have something to keep your brain occupied. But again, this gets back to embracing boredom, which is a good thing.

When you get home, plug your phone in at a charging station and leave it there. Spend the evening with friends and family and leave the phone out of reach. You don’t need it.

6. Cut Back On TV Watching

The same thing with phones works for TV. Do we really need it that much? I know I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to TV. I’ve watched a lot over the years.

But recently I’ve been looking to do more reading. I’ve been looking to do more walking. There are even more things available like spending time with loved ones just talking or maybe playing games or doing an activity together.

Those things lead to creative thinking, not TV.

7. Walk

Just mentioned this one and it’s been great for me. I don’t even remember when my wife and I got in the habit, but we walk just about everyday after our breakfast. And we sometimes also walk in the evening.

It’s a great way for us to talk without distractions. It’s also been great for us to brainstorm about life, business and really about anything.

If one os us isn’t around the other usually walks alone. And those times are good too. When you’re alone, outdoors and in the fresh air it can be great for your mind. Let it wander. Let it think about anything. It can be fun, challenging and very creative.

8. Train Yourself To Observe (No Judgment)

This is a big one. I think as we get older we get more judgmental. And we get judgmental even with ourselves. We don’t allow ourselves to have creative thoughts anymore like when we were kids.

Think back to your childhood and all the crazy ideas and thoughts you had. Over time, you probably became trained to recognize the “ridiculousness” of those thoughts so you stopped having them or you at least judged them to be crazy.

Switch that mentality and observe your thoughts. The next time you have a crazy thought pop into your head just observe it. Let it come. Flesh it out. There’s no reason to judge it negatively. Just let it come.

9. Forgive

Nothing crowds the mind like a grudge.

Forgiveness is a powerful thing in our world. It’s good for those you forgive, but it’s even better for your own inner peace. The more you are able to let things go the more you can move on.

Forgiveness allows your brain to open up and that leaves more room for creativity. The more free your brain is the more likely you’ll be able to let your thoughts wander into new places.

10. Audit Daily Tasks

Finally, we’ll switch gears a little for this last one.

I’m a huge believer that we are what we do every day.

Audit every task you do each day. Chances are you do basically the same thing most days. You have work days and off days.

Look at everything you do.

Then look at your priorities and goals.

Re-align tasks that fit with your priorities and goals. Make them the tasks you get done each day.

As for the other tasks that don’t fit with your priorities and goals…look to remove them and possibly replace them with tasks that actually help you achieve what you want in life.

If creativity is a priority, a real priority, you need to practice it every day.


Creativity is one of the great things about being human. As kids, we instinctually know that creativity is an essential part of life. But as we get older we tend to lose that part of our lives. It’s too bad, but it doesn’t need to be the case. Hopefully the list above has sparked a few ways you can be creative in your life. If you do make the change it can be a great benefit.

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