10 Inspirational Lessons From Amazing Business Twitter Accounts

These brands are rocking on Twitter.

According to a new study, 8% of adults in the US get their news on Twitter.

Think about that for a moment in the context of how we’ve gotten the news in the past.

TV, radio and other traditional media outlets still reign when it comes to news, but Twitter and other social media sites are starting to pick away at the marketshare.

With Twitter, people like the immediate nature of it. Anybody, anywhere in the world can post a tweet and report the news. We saw it with the plane crash in San Francisco a few months ago. We saw it happen when Michael Jackson was on the way to the hospital.

If you’re a young adult and a sports fan you probably follow reporters and people who are at the game when your favorite team is playing. It’s another level of coverage that you can’t get anywhere else.

In this post we’re going to look at 10 inspiring ways to use Twitter from businesses. We’re not talking about contests. I don’t think you need to give things away to have success in business.

Let’s get into it.

1. Image Snapshots – HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the most inspiring companies when it comes to all inbound marketing. They’ve been using Twitter and sharing insight into their success with the channel for years. This is an example of another little thing they do and that others are doing more on social media.

Create a little snapshot image with a good quote from your blog or other piece of content. It makes it easy for people to get a good tip right on Twitter.

2. Commenting On Recent News – Moz

Think it’s a waste of time to comment on current events and recent news?

You’d be wrong.

When you tweet about those things you’re showing people a side of your business that they can connect with. That’s what Moz did when they made this comment about BatKid. By reading it we know a little bit more about the people at Moz.

3. RT And Add A Comment – SlideShare

SlideShare has a really unique platform. They can promote the content others share on their platform. It’s a great way to promote themselves while promoting others. It’s not as pushy.

But they take it even further and they do it quite often. They’ll retweet a slideshow someone shares (from SlideShare of course), but they’ll add a little comment on the tweet. It’s a nice little touch.

4. Promoting Others While Promoting Yourself – PGA Tour

This is similar to what SlideShare did, but it’s a little different. PGA Tour retweeted a tweet by The Sony Open in Hawaii. It helped their affiliate promote great news and it linked to a source for the article that wasn’t on the PGA Tour’s website even though they had their own story.

Sometimes helping others while helping yourself is better than just helping yourself. In fact, it’s probably best to do this every time you have the chance.

5. Ask A Question – Bowhunting.com

Nothing crazy here. It’s easy to ask a question, but we still don’t do it enough. You don’t have to hold a contest and give something away. People like to get the right answer to questions. It’s in our nature.

And if you can add a nice picture to it like Bowhunting.com did then you’re really doing well.

6. Do Things With Other Brands – Danner & Woolrich

It’s a classic business move – partner with another brand for something.

In this case, Danner and Woolrich partnered up to create winter collections featuring their products. On Twitter, that’s two brands and twice the audience power.

7. Use Studies – Roku

People love stats. I don’t know why, but it’s true.

Find a way to use stats in your tweets and your followers will love it. That’s what Roku did and they also melded it perfectly with their product.

8. Use Images – Starbucks

Nothing crazy here. Use images. Pretty simple.

I don’t think it’s done enough especially from companies that have really cool products. Heck, you don’t even need amazing products to take cool photos. Snap an artistic shot of your office or something. It shows off who you are as a brand. People connect with that kind of thing.

9. State Interesting Facts – Discovery

People find this stuff incredibly interesting.

Don’t think you have interesting facts? That’s because you’re so involved in your business. Dig deep and you can find a few things in your industry and business to share.

10. Little Quirks – Titleist

People love little quirks. We’re interested in how other people do things. For golfers, it’s always kind of interesting to see how others mark their golf ball.


What do you think of those?

These are real ways businesses are using Twitter to earn attention and new customers. It’s about growing the business and these are inspiring ways that companies are using Twitter to have real business success.

It’s not about promotions and discounts. It’s about getting new people to discover your brand.

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