10 Companies That Have Just Started Great Company Blogs

New Company Blogs
Mailbox is a new app for mobile devices. They launched a blog along with the app.

We’ve looked at company blogs before.

Here are some of the lists:

Today we’re going to look at some more company blogs, but this time we’re taking a little different twist. We’re going to look at companies that have just started their company blogs.

These companies are in the early stages of their blogging or content marketing strategies. Hopefully they commit to the effort because the tendency is to give up on the strategy just before it takes off.

We’ll use less than a year for the criteria.

Let’s take a look…

1. Mailbox App

I’ve been using Mailbox on my phone for a few months and I’m sold. They make it way easy to manage your mailboxes. I manage one for business and one for personal. It’s easy to delete messages, archive them and save them for later. You can make an email pop back into your inbox as new in a day or a couple days if it’s the weekend.

They started their blog back in January 2013 when the app was just getting launched. Since then they’ve used the blog to explain how the app works. They’ve answered common questions and they’ve announced partnerships.

They’ve only had a sporadic updating schedule since launch. I know they’re doing well. It will be interesting to see if they keep adding content to the blog.

2. Temnos

Temnos is part of the new content marketing movement. Their aim is to help companies that blog and create content in other ways to dig into the content and make it more usable for visitors and ideal readers. It seems they have products that really help companies create the best content possible while also monetizing off that content.

Their blog was launched in May 2013. They only have four posts, which is interesting for a company that promotes using content, but we’ll see if they have plans to ramp up in the coming months. Maybe they’ve been too busy to keep up with the blogging requirements.

3. Co-Ed Supply

Co-Ed Supply is a subscription or membership service for college students. They can get their essentials all in one place curated specifically for their needs and tastes. I just have one question, “Do they supply beer?”

The blog launched back in early 2013. The company has been pretty consistent with posts. They have updated with some fun and useful lists for college students. They share study tips, the best college movies and more. It’s a fun little blog with a lot of potential. You don’t see many blogs of this nature out there so they have a real opportunity to win attention.

4. Mitro

Mitro helps people save passwords. There are a few services like this out there and for good reason. Remember passwords, but also having quality passwords (not your name plus a number) is important for your own online security. The cool thing seems to be the group feature.

Their blog was started last spring and really hasn’t had many updates since. I can really see an opportunity for a blog in the online security industry doing well. I think people are looking for all kinds of information on how to make their online efforts more secure especially with passwords.

Mitro has the opportunity. Will they take it or will they become another dormant blog?

5. Oyster

Oyster seems like it’s brand new. From what I can find the company and its accompanying blog just launched late this summer. It seems like a really cool idea. It’s a modern day library. I like to read books, probably 1-2 per month, so instead of purchasing those books (e-books) I’d rather just subscribe and use them one time.

The blog has been up and running since the beginning. They’ve only had a couple posts up to this point including one that highlights  few favorite books. Hopefully they keep the blog going. Another great opportunity with an audience that you know likes to read.

6. Insurance Zebra

Insurance Zebra lets you find the best insurance for you. There are plenty of options all with great comparisons and I think they have reviews.

I’ve always loved the idea of an insurance blog. It seems to make sense that people would want information about how to lower their rates and what to do if they need to file a claim.

Insurance Zebra is doing that on their blog with posts about if you should get a police report and whether high or low deductibles are better. It looks like they launched the blog last spring and it seems like they’re off to a good start so far.

7. Typeform

Typeform is a survey tool aimed at helping companies create better online surveys. This is a really important field. It’s simple, but with knowledge about your visitors and ideal customers you can really important your online experience and business.

The app seems very new and the blog was launched just a month ago. Only a couple posts up to this point, but hopefully they start adding some more tips on how to create successful surveys. A big business and blogging opportunity.

8. eGood

eGood partners with businesses to help charities. Customers that want to give back can shop at eGood participating businesses and a percentage of the sales will go to charities. It’s a great way for businesses to connect with customers on a deeper level that helps others that need it.

It seems like their blog was launched just this past year. They share news and updates about the app, but they also share stories from people and businesses using the app, which is a great blogging strategy.

9. Routehappy

Routehappy was created to make the flying experience better. If you’ve flown anywhere in the last ten years you know that flying has become a shell of what it used to be. You’re crammed into a small seat with cheap food and stale air. The experience is generally not good as airlines struggle to find a business model that works.

But with a service like Routehappy people can look for options that will make them more happy when they fly like better meals, better seats and better prices.

They launched their blog back in April 2013. They use images to communicate some of their tips for finding the best airline experience. It’s a neat little idea although not very text heavy so I’m not sure how it does for attracting any SEO traffic. I can see it potentially doing well on social media as people share the tips with friends and colleagues.

10. Rabbit

Rabbit is a new video chat software. They’ve been making news this year and it seems like they’re gaining more recognition each day.

They launched their company blog back in February 2013. Since then it looks like they’ve published at least once post per week. They share links to stories and videos about their company from other channels. They share company updates and new features. They also share interesting findings about social life from how people use their service.

Very cool stuff.

The use Tumblr as their blogging platform.

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