10 Business Consultants With Great Blogs

Consultant Blogs Accenture
Accenture is one consultancy that has a great blog. In fact, they have multiple.

Have you ever used a business consultant?

I’ve worked with consultants a few different times.

When I worked for a footwear cataloguer and online retailer we worked with consultants on various projects. The internal team is very good at what they do, but when you try new things and push into new territory it’s beneficial to bring in someone with experience even if it’s for a short time.

And at GBW, I’ve worked with a couple consultants on various projects. Some have helped with overall business processes and understanding. It’s been very beneficial because most of the time I have no idea what I’m doing in the business world.

A big question, however, is how do people find consultants?

Well, I’ve noticed that it can result from reputation. In fact, a lot of it has to do with reputation. Business executives ask their colleagues for referrals. Those execs also read a lot of industry material including blogs.

One time, my boss, the marketing manager, came into my office with a printout of a consultant’s blog post.

Blogs work for consults and in this post we’re going to look at a few consult blogs that do a really good job at showing competency, experience and knowledge.

1. Accenture

Accenture was a name I knew only because they sponsored some professional golf events and maybe even golfers. But as the years went I on I realized that Accenture is a huge consulting firm helping companies with a variety of challenges.

I like their Digital Business blog. They have a unique storytelling aspect to many of their posts. That’s important because it provides a way for readers to connect with the message and the information. If you can communicate those things you can earn trust and respect from your potential customers.

Visit: Blog | @Accenture

2. Carve Consulting

Carve Consulting is heavily involved in social media. By reading just a few of their posts you get a sense for their knowledge in the social media space. They have some really great content on their blog. Everything from entry-level stuff to more advanced social media tips and strategies.

It’s a great blog that I’m sure attracts potential clients that are looking for this kind of information.

That’s one of the keys. You share your knowledge and your target clients find you and because you’ve earned their trust they often hire you to help them with the services you provide.

Visit: Blog | @CarveConsulting

3. Jordan Consulting

She focuses on social media consulting for health-related business. She has a really fun blog. I like the first post about using your iPhone to take videos. It’s simple, but the info can be very useful. There are tons of posts like this on the blog and they all up to a wealth of social media knowledge.

You don’t need grand posts to win over clients. Sometimes the short and sweet tips are the best.

Visit: Blog | @cadijordan

4. McKinley Consulting

McKinley Consulting seems to have an interesting dynamic. With their company and with their blog they attract potential businesses and clients, but they also attract potential clients. They have posts aimed at both.

And I think they do a really good job of focusing on the common questions each type of reader has and then they provide the answer or perspective on the question.

That’s a big part of successful blogging. You have to answer the questions your potential clients are asking online. If you do that they’ll find you and you can earn their trust…and their business.

Visit: Blog | @McK_Consulting

5. Bain & Company

Bain & Co is one of the biggest consulting firms in the world. It’s great to see that they also have a great blog to attract new customers.

Theirs is a little different, though.

They use their blog to raise awareness for social issues. It’s pretty cool. They give back to the world and to people and in the process they grow their reputation.

Visit: Blog | @BainAlerts

6. Booz & Co

This is another major consulting firm. They work with business all over the world.

They sponsor or manage the Strategy+Business blog and it has a lot of really great information. I hadn’t heard of the blog until researching this post and I stopped to read a few of the articles.

I especially like the how-to posts. They include specific information and steps readers can take to make positive changes in their business. A lot of blogs talk about things, but don’t share how to do something.

Giving action steps is something that can take your blog to the next level.

Visit: Blog | @stratandbiz

7. Rochelle Moulton

Here is someone that really gets blogging.

This was the first time I visited Rochelle Moulton’s site and blog and some of the posts are awesome.

First, you get a feel for Rochelle and her style. It’s important with blogs that the reader gets to learn about you while they learn about what you’re showing them.

The post on Southern virtues is a great example of this. So is the post on catnip or the one on weirdness.

But beyond personality there is some really useful information. It’s something a reader can take action on and that works really well.

Visit: Blog | @ConsultingChick

8. Aurora Consulting

Aurora posts once or twice per month; sometimes more and when they do post they make it worth while. The posts are extensive and full of great information.

The latest post on outcomes is a great example. It’s like a guidebook on the subject.

The great thing about blogging is that you don’t have to write short posts or long posts. You can find a strategy that fits you and your brand and use it to connect with your audience.

Aurora does it a little different and it seems to work for them. I can see that the posts are extensive and I’m sure their target readers find them very useful.

Visit: Blog | @AuroraConsult

9. Social Media Frontiers

There are a lot of social media blogs out there. Many cover the same information over and over. It’s not that there is anything wrong with that, but it’s hard to get readers that way.

Social Media Frontiers seems to inject some of their personal experiences and knowledge into their posts. That’s what separates them from the other social media blogs out there.

They focus on new trends that their target readers are interested in like viral social media updates and social shopping. That brings people in. Then they connect with the personality of the posts and the content wins trust and respect.

It all leads to more customers for the consultancy.

Visit: Blog | @SMFUK

10. Kevin Hillstrom, MineThatData

I’ve written about Kevin before here on the GBW Blog. He’s one of the people I usually follow on Twitter. His niche is in the catalog world, but he can really help you out no matter what business you’re in. I liked following him on Twitter and following his blog, but because he makes you think about two very important things as a business owner/manager:

1. New Customers

2. Profit

When you think about those things it becomes easier to make decisions.

Visit: Blog | @MineThatData


There is no reason that you can create a consultant blog like this. If you’re a consultant it’s worth your time (if you want more customers) to use your knowledge in a blog.

Comment on current events. Write about common questions in your niche that may seem elementary to you, but that may be really helpful to your potential clients.

Do that and you’ll grow your influence in your niche and get more clients.

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